These Towels Are the Best Thing I Ever Bought From Costco

updated May 3, 2019
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I’m a loyal Costco-er. When my fiancé and I moved in together two years ago, the first thing we did, after setting up our internet/cable services (priorities, people) was head on over to the super big box store and get ourselves a membership. There’s literally no better place for us to stock up on non-sexy home essentials—toilet paper, paper towels, sponges, cleaning supplies, trash bags, laundry detergent…you get it.

Growing up, my parents were loyal Sam’s Club-ers, and the only childhood recollection of the store I have left is the smell of the all-beef hotdogs boiling at the front of the store, and devouring giant chocolate chocolate chip muffins (and croissants) the second we got home. So, I really only thought of Costco (and other warehouse clubs like it) for those previously mentioned essentials and giant portions of baked goods (though my S.O. is quick to mention all the Kirkland Signature socks and undershirts that have served him well over his years).

Which is why I was stunned when I went to visit a friend up in the D.C. area last year, and totally fell in love with the towels she had in her guest bathroom. Now, my towels at home are perfectly good/acceptable. They’ve done hard duty for me since I bought them at HomeGoods years back, but these towels, well, these were different. First off, they dried my body FAST, but without getting soggy. And secondly, they felt SO SOFT and luxurious. “These must have cost a fortune! Where.did.she.get.them???” I thought to myself, not wanting to run right out of the bathroom to demand she spill the beans on where these towels came from. So I casually brought it up at breakfast the last morning I was there. “Um, so, the towels, did you want me to leave them in the laundry room/a hamper/wherever? Oh also, where did you buy those because I need them immediately.” Preparing myself for the answer I didn’t want to hear—that being a high-end retailer—I got an answer that was music to my super dry ears (thanks to that great towel!): “Oh, those? They’re from Costco!”

Say what?? So, lo and behold, the best towels I’ve ever used could be found an aisle down from my bulk almond butter. Who knew? Anyhow, upon returning home, I ran with vigor to Costco the following weekend, and scooped up several bath towel sets. I can’t quite remember what I paid for them at the time, but they are currently for sale online (and check your local store for more options!) for $69.99 a set, which includes two bath towels, two hand towels and two washcloths. Also, just a note that you can purchase these via the Costco website, even without a membership. I’ve been so happy with these towels so far; they wash great, have held together, and still feel as exciting as the first time I tried them at my friend’s home.

Now, what else have I been missing at Costco for my home while distracted by gargantuan muffins? It’s definitely time to find out. Stay tuned!

Available online here (no membership required):

Jennifer Adams 6-piece Towel Set at Costco, $69.99 (available online in green, light blue and tan, though I found a white set in my local store, and my friend has them in gray).