Best Find?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We loved the question that AT:Chicago asked yesterday — What’s your best score from Craigslist?

Because we live in the Land of the Original Craigslist, we’ve been using CL for years. We’ve found some great buys, and then sold them when our taste changed. (Recently we sold several items to AT readers who have been sworn to secrecy about the embarrassing state of our apartment when they visited.)

Our best find is the vintage library table we use as a desk. It was $75 and looks similar to the one we show here (which is actually for sale on Craigslist now). Its legs are removable so we were able to get it up our tiny stairs, and it has scratches and ink stains, which we love.

So, what’s your best Craigslist find? (Have you found something via our Scavenger?) Send us your photos!