Best Desk Decluttering Tip?

Best Desk Decluttering Tip?

Anthony Nguyen
May 13, 2011

Q: I'll admit. I am kind of jealous of all the super clean desks everyone seems to have in the pictures taken here on Unplggd. How do you guys do it? Seriously, I cannot keep the desk clean for more than a few days even if my life depended on it. Any tips will be greatly appreciated!

A: Ha! Thanks for the kind comments, Katie. Although I believe I speak for the entire Unplggd team when I say, "Our desks are messier than you make them out to be." That said, we do have some tips that keep it from going too far into the messy end.

First - storage storage storage! We cannot recommend this enough. Even a small cart on wheels will do wonders when you're forced to organize all the stuff that's laying all over your desk into logical compartments somewhere else.

We also try to do a weekly deep clean. This includes brushing off keyboards with a Swiffer Duster, wiping down the desk under the mousepad and monitor, and sifting through the papers/miscellaneous items that have accumulated on the desk over the past week.

Finally, throw stuff away! Or recycle of course, if you have the option. We've already switched most of our billing over to paperless statements and it has done wonders. We have the occasional paycheck or junk mail that sits for weeks on end, but we try to be proactive about it as much as we can.

Got a tip to share with Katie? Let us know your best desk decluttering habit - it's bound to send inspiration all around!

(Image: Emma's Design Blogg)

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