8 Products You Need If Your Dog Has a Shedding Problem

published Aug 6, 2020
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From their ever-happy spirit to their adorable faces, pups bring a lot of joy into our lives. There is, however, one rather annoying side effect that comes with owning a dog: shedding. Although they’re perfect in every other way, their fur has a way of following us… everywhere. On the couch, in our bags, on our bedding, and, lest we forget, all over our black pants. Thankfully, there are a bunch of great tools designed to manage your dog’s nonstop shedding. Read on for eight products that will help keep your black leggings fur free. 

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Swipe away all pesky pet hair from your furniture with this roller pet hair remover. It effortlessly sweeps away stray hair deeply embedded in chairs, beds, couches, pillows, and more (we've even written about it before). By simply swiping the roller back and forth, the electrostatic charge attracts pet hair without a power source. Even better, this roller is 100 percent reusable, saving you money in the long run. Never worry about guests getting covered in pet hair after sitting on your couch again!

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The easiest way to diminish your dog’s shedding is by maintaining a regular grooming routine. This deshedding brush designed especially for dogs will help you groom your pup with ease and avoid shedding after baths. The stainless-steel edge reaches through long hair, gently removing any loose hair and leaving your dog’s coat shining.

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Every pet owner knows how much of a headache bathtime can be. These all-in-one bathing gloves not only save you from pruney fingers, but help de-shed and deep clean your dog’s coat. They work by stimulating circulation and distributing natural oils, giving your pup both a massage and a glossy finish. A win-win for everyone involved.

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Nip shedding in the bud with a supplement that combats shedding before it even happens. Proven to reduce excessive seasonal and non-seasonal shedding, this supplement is formulated with the proper balance of essential Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to maintain your pup’s optimal skin and coat condition. Long story short, this healthy add-on to your pup's routine will save you shedding stress.

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For heavy shedders, like Bernese Mountain Dogs and Golden Retrievers, this tool is a serious lifesaver. Designed to quickly remove excess hair, the dual-sided stainless steel blade and vinyl comfort handle work great for thicker coats. Say goodbye to dead hair and hello to a shiny and brighter coat for your pup.

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Even the most useful shedding tools are nothing without the right shampoo for your dog. This ultra premium deshedding shampoo addresses shedding at the core and enhances the effectiveness of deshedding tools. Free of parabens and chemical dyes, it's a purchase you can feel good about lathering your pup in.

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Ok, hear us out: It’s a stone, but made for shedding. Weird, but it works! The Mr. Groom deshedding pet groomer stone is made from recycled fiberglass, featuring pores that remove hair, burrs, mud, and dander while massaging your dog. It’s designed to make it easy to grip and is safe to use on sensitive spots like around the ears and face. Even cooler? This funky stone works great on furniture and clothes, too.

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So when you’re done with all that grooming, how do you clean up those tumbleweeds of fur floating through your home? Cue this extendable pet hair removal broom. The soft bristles collect the fur left behind by your pet, but also grab lint, dust, and dirt from any surface. Sure, it works great on your floor, but try it on your clothing and upholstery too and be seriously impressed. Goodbye, fur!