I’m a Self-Proclaimed Candle Connoisseur — These Are My Favorites You Can Buy from Etsy

published Sep 10, 2021
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If there’s one luxury I’ve unashamedly afforded myself recently, it’s candles. Chalk it up to pandemic retail therapy or just a soothing scent craving, but after this past year, I’m now somewhat of a self-proclaimed candle connoisseur. And TBH, I see no end in sight for my newfound burning passion (excuse the pun): To me, lighting a candle’s the hallmark of any self care ritual. As I continue to expand my collection, I’ll let you in on one spot I keep coming back to for well-made, budget-friendly options: Etsy.

I’ve already waxed poetic (more puns, not sorry) about the online hub’s super stylish lamp offerings, and Etsy’s candle selection is, naturally, just as spot on. Whether you share my treat-yourself mentality or need an easy gift idea, you’ll find trendy sculptural creations, custom birthday candles, minimalist staples, and loads more — plus wonderful smells, of course. Oh, and they’re handcrafted from small businesses or local artists… what’s not to absolutely adore here? Gear up for ~cozy szn~ with my top candle standouts below, featuring a few AT-favorite Etsy home decor shops:

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The price is so right for this set of five multicolored tapers, all paraben-free and handmade in small batches by Thistle and Fig Candles. I love the cool twisted component and muted hues, which would look superb in any candlestick holders on top of a mantel or long table.

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Celebrated by AT as the best Texas-based Etsy home seller, Cai Cai Handmade has some of the prettiest, most unique candle creations, hands-down. This wavy one specifically, inspired by the ocean and crafted from natural white beeswax and soy wax, has been on my wishlist for weeks. Although unscented, it’s the perfect accent piece (or gift!), even unlit.

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Another AT fave, Yield Design Co. is all about minimalist packaging and botanical-inspired candles. You really can’t go wrong with any size or relaxing scent — but if you’re on the fence, there’s helpful fragrance descriptors in the product details. Bonus: Each has been poured in stylish, reusable jars you can convert into permanent decor.

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A veritable Etsy Pick, these wax wonders meld together to form the yin yang symbol. California-based Shop For Love Club offers 10 vibrant color options, so you can mix and match with your favorite combos. Grab them — or gift them — ASAP, I have a feeling these will sell out fast.

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It’s kitschy candles galore via Cancelled Plans — and there’s plenty more where this “It’s Fine, I’m Fine” candle came from. The Etsy shop operates under the tagline of “a relatable scented candle,” as evidenced by other prettily-packaged products dubbed “Social Anxiety,” “Do Not Disturb,” and “French Exit.” Buyers rave over the non-overpowering scent selections, as well.

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I’ve been seeing the bubble cube style everywhere, and I’m a huge proponent of decorative candles (aka the ones that basically look too lovely to burn). Yes, it seems counterintuitive, but this one — hand poured by Heavenly Earth Miami — actually emits a subtle scent on its own, no lighter needed. To that note, you get to pick how it smells from a list of enticing options (including pumpkin, for all my fall fans).

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Up-and-coming L.A. seller Mia’s Co. abides by the mantra “a scent for every memory.” That makes their affordable, natural candle collection all the more special to share with friends or family. On top of the exceptional aromas and aesthetics, every candle tells a “story” to transport you elsewhere, be it an autumn afternoon or a cozy countryside cottage.

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Tapers, with a (literal) twist — Queens Park Art creates these candles fully from scratch, bending them into free-standing, whimsical squiggles. Each shape varies because of the handmade nature, but they’re absolutely perfect to pair up in a mix of hues. Scope out this shop for even more playful pieces and color palettes.

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Another from Shop For Love Club, this one’s for the zodiac-obsessed. Take your pick of five different scent options and customize with any birthday. There’s even an option to add a few zodiac-specific adjectives of your choosing, or have the seller fill them in for you.

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Traditional tapered candlesticks are tasteful, timeless, and super transformative — coupled with the right holders, they give any area an elevated feel. Keep a well-stocked collection without breaking the bank à la Etsy shop Alphatox Gummies, which sells packs of six 100 percent beeswax tapers. Play with various heights, as well — these come 6, 10, 12, or 15 inches tall.

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There are busts, and then there are… candle busts of Michelangelo’s David, handmade by The Cali Candles. A bestseller for a reason, this soy wax piece looks worthy of a museum — or, you know, your bedside table. Bring this home in any color and one of 59(!) scents, running the gamut from Sugar Cookie to Cucumber Melon.