Best Firefox Extensions and Add-Ons for Power Users

Best Firefox Extensions and Add-Ons for Power Users

Range Govindan
Jan 4, 2011

One of the main reasons why I've resisted using Google Chrome is because of all of the great extensions and add-ons available for Firefox. Currently, I've got only about 7 installed and activated, but I used to have a lot more. I decided to slim down Firefox so that it wouldn't eat up to much memory while I was running it, since Firefox is my main browser across two computers. Here are some of the best ones I've used.

1. Read It Later
I've stopped using Delicious a few years ago but I use Read It Later very often. I use Read It Later to bookmark articles and posts that I want to read at a later date. It's mainly temporary bookmarking. I can't use the star-system of Google Reader for this, as I use this almost exclusively for work. Since I star quite a few posts, they will drown out some of the articles that I'd like to read. The Read It Later extension is only available for Firefox as an extension. Other browsers only get the web service. If you've got Read It Later installed on two computers, you can easily sync these bookmarks.

2. Adblock Plus
Are you tired of ads? Then you should install Adblock Plus. You can use the extension to remove online advertising and block all known malware domains. It works pretty well.

3. Flashblock
As you've probably heard by now, if you want to maximize the battery life of your laptop, you should install a Flash-blocking extension of some kind. Flashblock works well for Firefox. This gets rid of those pesky Flash-based ads that populate websites. You can always click on an animation to see it if you really want to .

4. US Spellchecker
This was probably one of the first extensions that I installed. The US Spellchecker will spellcheck your typing inside dialog boxes in your browser windows. If you do any blogging or writing online, this is the way to go. While it's nowhere near as effective as MS Word or dedicated spellcheckers included in word processors, it gets the job done.

5. Delicious
While I personally don't use Delicious anymore, nor do I use, the Firefox extension is really nice to have. Delicious has confirmed that it's currently being sold by Yahoo, so there's no danger of losing all of you bookmarks, but there was a definite Delicious exodus a few weeks ago when we learned that Yahoo was "sunsetting" Delicious. Pinboard saw a heavy spike in users and their price went up from $7 to $9.14.

(Image: Flickr member Pixelthing licensed for use under Creative Commons, Flickr member Lokan Sardari licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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