Best Furniture Layout to Optimize Light?

Best Furniture Layout to Optimize Light?

Colleen Quinn
Jan 7, 2010

Q: I am moving into a new apartment later this month, and am finding the layout a bit tricky. The apartment is a good size (620 sq ft total) and there are lots of windows, which is one of the reasons I chose the apartment, but this also limits furniture placement: I do not want to block out any of the light or the great views, and the layout needs to work with my flatscreen tv (and I hate the idea of tv in front of the windows).

Sent by Lauren

Achieving this with good flow will be tricky: the living area and dining area make sort of an open T-shape, and the kitchen, main entrance and short hallway leading to the bed/bath/storage closet all feed onto this central living area. I have two blue loveseats and two wing chairs to work with, a 3.5 foot tall by 4 foot wide bookshelf, and a few random end tables/ottomans. I also play piano, so have a full sized digital keyboard (i.e. about 60" long) that has to fit into this space somehow.

I don't need to use ALL of the furniture (some of it is coming from my parents' basement) but I definitely need at LEAST one (preferrably two) of the loveseats and one of the chairs, because I need seating to entertain! I do have a small budget for adding some furniture to the space when I move in (I'm thinking a coffee table is a good place to start), but since I blew most of my budget on a new bed, new couches are NOT an option...and to be honest, I kind of like my blue velvet loveseats...they are so OUT of style that they are almost back IN style.

Some other notes:
-I do not have a wallmount for the tv, and this is not an option because the ones compatible with my tv are way more money than I'm willing to spend.
-The digital piano itself doesn't take up a lot of space (about 60"X12") but to get the bench in front of it and be able to pull the bench out far enough to play comfortably requires a width of about 3-4 feet minimum. When the bench is tucked as far as it can go, in the width of the ensemble is about 2 feet.
-In the layout, the dotted lines do NOT represent walls or doorways, they are just open space. The layout is totally to scale.

I've attached a picture of my soon-to-be apartment's layout, and also a few pictures of where I am living now to give a better idea of the furniture I am working with (wing chairs not current 350 sq foot apartment didn't have room for them!) And while I'm at it, any ideas on drawing attention away from this soon-to-be-my apartment's kitchen's alarming retro yellow linoleum floors are also welcome (picture attached)!!!

Editor: Wow- what a challenge Lauren! We actually dig the loveseats and are glad you plan to keep them; they look quite comfy. Given your apartment layout, it is hard to visualize how to set up the seating to take advantage of the views if you don't want the TV in front of the windows, unless you plan to rearrange the seating any time you want to watch TV. Perhaps some of our talented readers will have ideas on that front. If you are keeping your current cafe table, perhaps consider locating your piano in the dining room- it looks like you have the necessary space.

Readers, please share your advice in the comments below, and help Lauren get her new home off to a great start!

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