These Editor-Approved Pillows Have Nearly 6,000 5-Star Reviews—And a Set of Two Is 25% Off Right Now

published Feb 12, 2020
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When I moved into my first apartment a few years ago, I went through the usual trial and error of shopping for my new place. Some purchases were bad (never again, microfiber sheets) while others were fine ($10 Bed Bath & Beyond bath towels)—but there was one thing I bought that not only exceeded my expectations, but kind of rocked my world. I’m talking, of course, about the gel pillows I bought on Amazon. And because I’m generous, I’m also letting you know that they’re on sale for 25 percent off right now.

Let me back up. Growing up, I truly did not think about the pillows I slept on. I couldn’t have told you if they were plush, hard, soft, filled with down—they were just my pillows, and they were just fine. So when I moved into my own home, I was completely at a loss over my personal pillow preferences. I knew I probably didn’t like a flat pillow, but that was about the extent of my opinion. After embarking on my search, I was overwhelmed—who knew there were so many different options out there? Not only were there different plushness levels, but there were also different sizes, materials, etc.

After pouring over Amazon reviews, I shrugged and hit “Add to Cart” on a pair of Beckham Hotel gel pillows, hoping for the best. Hence began a lifelong commitment that has survived (so far) three apartments, two relationships, and one complete overhaul of my entire bedding landscape. That’s right: Since moving to New York, I’ve replaced all my bedding (hello, linen sheets), my comforter (again, goodbye microfiber), and even my mattress—but I have not parted with these pillows. In fact, I bought two more.

So just what is it about these pillows that’s so great? The main thing is that they’re filled with a poly gel fiber, rather than down or foam. The primary benefit of gel is that it’s cooling, so gel pillows are great for hot sleepers such as myself. I have honestly been shocked at how good they are—there have been multiple times that I’ve woken up sweating everywhere but my face (sorry for that visual). The gel also gives them a perfect combination of firmness and softness, a holy grail combo that I have yet to find duplicated (and I’ve tested a ton of pillows for this job).

Not only that, but they’ve held up. Like I said, I’ve moved three times and these pillows have endured all three moves. They’ve suffered through (many) nights of crying, all sorts of crazy positioning during long days of watching Netflix or reading in bed, and even a bed bug scare (or two). Through it all, they haven’t lost their shape or feel, nor have they developed any sort of mold or mildew (ugh). They’re with me for the long haul!

And how much, pray tell, do you think a pair of these pillows costs? Such perfect vessels of sleepytime bliss must cost at least $50 per pillow. But what if I told you that two (2) pillows cost just $33.99, and not only that, but they’re currently on sale for a meager $25.49? You might be stunned, but it’s true. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your pillows, you won’t be disappointed—especially during this sale. And if you don’t trust me (I forgive you), just take a look at the nearly 6,000 5-star reviews on Amazon for confirmation. (And because you’re probably wondering, I’m a side sleeper who dabbles in stomach sleeping.)

Buy: Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillows (set of 2), $33.99 $25.49 from Amazon