It’s Official: These Are 8 of the Greatest Home Decor Hacks of All Time

updated Feb 20, 2020
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Credit: Martin Vecchio

If merely reading the phrase “home decor hacks” elicits a tinge of skepticism, you’re not alone. Quite frankly, I’m a little sick of hearing it. A lot of so-called “hacks” really aren’t all that clever or cheap, and honestly, a hack should be one—or better yet, both—of these things.

But that doesn’t mean all hacks have a one-way ticket to the design graveyard. Truth is, the frequency of sub-par hacks can make you appreciate the seriously resourceful ones a lot more. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and check out some of the best designer and blogger-approved hacks below.

Credit: Spoak

Style a Soothing Shower with Eucalyptus

“Create a DIY home spa by attaching a big bunch of eucalyptus to your shower head, behind the stream of water. Not only does it look pretty, but the eucalyptus will also release its beneficial oils in the steam.” —Rose McCullough, decorator and “thingologist” at Spoak

Create a Pet-Approved Placement

“For pet owners, I like to design a bottom kitchen cabinet drawer that slides open to hold the water and food bowl for our furry friends. It keeps the bowls off the ground and can be easily tucked away when needed.” —Rachel Cannon of Rachel Cannon Limited Interiors

Credit: Martin Vecchio

Let Your Light Pendant Linger

“One of my favorite interior home hacks is swag light fixtures when the current light fixture location isn’t quite where you want it. This is especially prevalent in older houses. When you don’t have space for a nightstand and very few outlets for lamps, you can use long swag pendants to create a bedside lamp.” —Angie Lane of A. Lane Architecture

Credit: Spoak

Embrace Your Inner Bookworm

“Trays are a great way to create organized vignettes for surfaces, but there’s no need to go out and buy one specifically. Just choose a pretty large book or two, and decorate it with a few personal items, mixing up colors, textures, and heights.” — Hilah Stahl, founder of Spoak

Credit: The DIY Playbook

Beautify Your Bathroom with Antiques

“In order to make a bathroom really unique and special, try to find an antique dresser to replace a builder-grade vanity. It’ll add some warmth to an all-tile bathroom while giving the space lots of life. For the countertop, you can buy a piece of stone at Lowe’s and have it cut to size.” —Casey Finn of The DIY Playbook

Credit: Spoak

Bring Out the Glamour with Glass

“A glass box is a great alternative to a frame. Place one on a surface and fill it with meaningful items such as trinkets from holidays, childhood photos, or postcards from friends.” —Courtney Fenimore, decorator and “thingologist” at Spoak

Credit: Manhattan Nest

Find the Treasure in Trash

“Who says a hamper can’t be a trash can? This Rev-A-Shelf slide-out trash thing used to be in my kitchen for trash and recycling, but then I went and destroyed my kitchen, so it went into indefinite storage. Along the way, I seem to have lost one of the plastic cans, so I ordered new white ones online and now this thing is back in action in my bathroom as a hamper!” —Daniel Kanter of Manhattan Nest 

Credit: Spoak

Spice up Your Shine

“Avoid spending lots of money on an expensive pre-made cord light fitting. Instead, buy a triangular shelf bracket and a pretty cord light cable—check out the Color Cord Company—and DIY it instead!” —Katie Hayes, decorator and “thingologist” at Spoak

Do you have any hacks of your own to share? You know the drill. Leave ‘em in the comments, and if you want to just call them decorating ideas, we’re cool with that too.