The Best Houseplants to Snag on Amazon Prime Day

published Oct 13, 2020
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Prime members already know that it’s Amazon Prime Day. For the next 48 hours, you’ll be able to score solid deals across most if not all categories—and plant parents, this is fully inclusive of you.

From a tropical palm tree to a black coral snake plant, there are a bountiful number of deals that will fill your spaces with green (and sometimes burgundy, more on that below). Check out our favorites that are in stock (for now), and don’t wait to buy “the one” when you find it. Odds are, multiple other plant lovers are looking to add it to their cart, too!

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Ficus Burgundy Rubber Tree

Scientifically known as the Ficus elastica, this plant is native to India and Malaysia and can adapt to lower light conditions as well as last without much care (although we don’t advise it). All this 6-inch beauty requires is water when the top inch of soil becomes dry (make sure to empty the saucer of drained water) and fertilizer from time to time.

Buy: Ficus Burgundy Rubber Tree, $34.99 $28

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Variegated Ivy Plant

Add some charm into your home with this overflowing ivy plant that can be hung from up above. Place your hovering houseplant in indirect or filtered bright sunlight, like on a window sill behind a sheer curtain. Water it regularly at first and then gradually transition into a weekly schedule.

Buy: Variegated Ivy Plant, $29.99 $23.99

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Majesty Palm

This thriving palm tree will give your space an automatic tropical vibe. It comes in a handmade seagrass basket that brings an extra design touch, and the palm tree needs only a few hours of indirect sunlight as well as water on a weekly basis.

Buy: Costa Farm Majesty Palm in Seagrass Basket $64.99 $48.74

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Succulent 12-Pack

Ranging in colors and shapes, this deal gets you a whole lot of succulents for a small price. Broken down, each succulents costs around $2, and they can add vibrant life into your home. And since we’re dealing with desert plants, these tiny succulents can thrive on a biweekly watering schedule and little sunlight.

Buy: Succulent 12-Pack, $29.99 $23.99

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Golden Pothos

Not only does this golden pothos add a pop of color, but it also purifies the air in your home. The plant overflows out of its planter with heart-shaped, speckled leaves, and can continue to grow to great lengths. This plant can thrive in a range of light and only needs water whenever the soil is dry. Even the Amazon description says “Perfect plant for people who tend to forget to water their plants.”

Buy: Golden Pothos, $28.99 26.09

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‘Black Coral’ Snake Plant

This snake plant is another houseplant that you don’t have to worry too much about killing. Its relentless nature can endure extremely drought conditions, and it only needs to be water when the top couple of inches of soil is dry. It can also adapt and grow in any light, so winter won’t be an issue.

Buy: Black Coral Snake Plant, $23.99 $20.39

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Mini Bonsai Tree

Coming in a blue ceramic planter, this mini bonsai stands 10-12 inches tall and comes with an inspirational stone message. All you need to do is water the top inch of soil once it dries out and place it where this is direct sunlight. Looking at this tree makes us feel more zen already.

Buy: Ficus Juniper Mini Bonsai Tree, $29.99 $22.49

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Dracaena Janet Craig Plant

Native to tropical Africa, this dracaena has leathery, sharp leaves that give it an edge. As indicated by its origin, the houseplant can thrive in a range of conditions, like low light and little to no water. However, make sure to water your dracaena when the top soil is 50 percent dried out.

Buy: Dracaena Janet Craig Plant, $29.99 $26.99