Best Kick Scooters: Go Ped, Razor, Xootr & 2 More

Best Kick Scooters: Go Ped, Razor, Xootr & 2 More

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 5, 2015
(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

New York City is overrun with kick scooters these days and all the kids AND parents at my daughter's school ride them to and from each day. The modern scooter has been an absolute revelation in terms of breakout success for urban transportation. But which to buy??? Today let's dig down deep and get some recommendations on the table.

My top pick are the scooters from Go Ped, the Know Ped, Grow Ped and Kicker, which you can see down below...

(Image credit: Go Ped)

Go Ped started out as a scooter company with engines on the back. They still do that. In fact they make all sorts of all terrain powered scooters and go karts. Their kick scooter line ranges from a simple lightweight design to their heavier, really smooth rolling design that comes in a child's or an adult's version. The frame is heavier than, say, a Razor but you get an an amazing ride and less worry with skidding over a pebble. "Handcrafted from the same high quality aircraft grade materials that all Go-Peds are made from, the Know-Ped is strong, durable and portable. It stands out as the new standard in push scooter design and construction."

A rack of Xootrs at the Facebook campus
(Image credit: Xootr)

Another step up from the classic ubiquitous Razor, the Xootr carries adults and kids with greater ease because of it's increased wheelbase and large diameter wheels. Striking a pose with a wood or colorful deck, Xooters are the favorite at my daughter's school and are light with a wonderful tight folding capacity allowing them to be easily stowed away. "In an effort many viewed as overkill, the Xootr was designed by a team that normally designs race cars. The Xootr has ultra-glide polyurethane tires running on nearly frictionless bearings. These wheels give the Xootr the lowest rolling resistance of any small-wheeled vehicle. The glide is several times better than in-line skates, skateboards, and pneumatic-tired portable scooters."

(Image credit: Razor Scooter)

Razor is the Kleenex of this category, well designed, super affordable and coming in tons of colors and styles, this is typically where a child (or even an adult) will start out and you see them ALL over the place. And there's nothing wrong with that. Razor's roller blade wheels are smooth but hard enough to really send vibrations up, so they also make bigger wheeled versions that will even out the ride. If you want to jump in and get started without spending too much $, this is the place to go.

(Image credit: Micro Kickboards)

Designed and imported from Switzerland, Micro scooters are untested by me, but seem like a very chic cross between the Xootr and Razor. They design and wheel choices are numerous and high quality. They provide kids and adult and Monster versions with super low weight and total folding ability.

(Image credit: Kickped)

From NYCE Wheels, the Kickped is a New York City custom designed scooter that draws from all the others to make a super durable, easy rolling, stripped down ride. It is meant for adults. "The KickPed features solid rubber wheels and a steel frame. Sure it's not space-age or super light-weight but it is indestructible. This is a kick scooter that you buy once and never have to worry about breaking or needing repairs."

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