Best Kids Parties: Old West

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The only thing missing from Kensley’s Old West party was some tumbleweed blowing through, but what’s fun about that? Her mom Sarah tells us about all the charming details: When we brainstormed ideas for Kensley’s 6th birthday party, the only off-limits theme was the ubiquitous princesses. Having recently joined a horseback riding club, Kensley instead chose a cowboy/cowgirl party, and so her clever aunts and I constructed a cardboard Old West town at a local park, and gathered materials for kids to create real old-fashioned stick ponies.

It was lots of work, but it was important for us to hand-make things as much as possible, and involve Kens in the fun of working as much as possible. We hot glued denim pockets to bandana print tablecloths, created identifying flags for straws for the many glass bottles of cream soda and root beer, filled a kiddie pool with sand and gold spray painted rocks for “panning fer gold,” and had sack races and three legged races to boot. The hit of the party ended up being the (possibly illegal) tire swing, and the party favors of mustaches, hats, and sheriff badges.

Thanks Sarah! Readers, find Sarah at A Bird I Like To Hold.

(Images: Sarah/A Bird I Like To Hold)

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