Best Kids Parties: Save The Bees

Best Kids Parties: Save The Bees

Dabney Frake
Jun 4, 2013

Name: Sofia, 3
Location: Redwoods, CA

The inspiration was the 'save the bees' ads I was seeing everywhere (even Haagen Daas ice cream was in on it). My grandfather was a beekeeper and bees are close to my family's heart. 

So, I wanted to throw a save-the-bees-in-the-garden/art party! For the main event I envisioned a giant garden mural that the kids could paint. I asked my dad, who has great drawing skills, to create the outlines of the mural and the kids would fill it in with paint. I gave him 5 yards of fabric-store-bought canvas (about $5/yard) and a 1" Sharpie marker. He drew the 15 foot Rousseau-like masterpiece and my husband mounted it onto 2x4's with a staple gun. This way, the kids could stand in front of the canvas while they painted. Painting was such a hit that the older kids were hiding paint jars behind the canvas when I told them it was time to start the games - they said they wanted to keep painting later with their hidden paint!

We played a bee game I made up: the kids each had a stick with string and a magnet dangling at the end. They had to pretend they were bees (while Flight of the Bumblebee played in the background) and pick up pollen with their magnets. Pollen was yellow bits of paper with paper clips attached. The "bees" took the pollen to the queen bee (a 10-year-old guest) sitting at the hive (a basket) and the bees got a piece of candy for each piece of pollen they brought to the queen.

Finally, we served a cake in the shape of a beehive. 

The invitations were folded such that when they were opened they looked like a flower.

Thanks, Stephanie!

(Images: Stephanie McNairy)


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