Best Kids Parties: Secret Agent

published Apr 9, 2012
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Name: “F” (9)
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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We’ve just had the worlds most fun party: Secret Agent 9th Birthday Party! I think this was the first birthday we’ve had without a tutu or pom pom, but it was very natural and fun!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our daughter and her brothers thought up the idea of a secret agent party. They knew their costumes immediately and spread the word to our daughter’s friends to do the same. When I thought of all of the design possibility, I quickly thought yes, accenting Secret Agent agility and craftiness as the fun elements to build on for this party! I couldn’t wait to get started with a red and black based illustration for the birthday invitation which was used as tags for many party elements, as well!

The invitation was the first clue and when the guests arrived, they were to follow the “red laser beam” (yarn) from the driveway up to the front door where the party began. The spy theme and colors (black and laser red) were used everywhere: all table decorations, house decor, spy treat table and give aways.

Games we played:
1) Labyrinth competitions included: agility, speed, team play and problem solving once the kids captured the jewels that were coded with letters that they had to unscramble to find a destination.

2) Who’s Who: All of the kids hands were traced and numbered on a black board wall and they had to identify whose were whose.

3) Sardine: A hide and seek where when you find the person who’s “it,” you hide with them; adding person after person. The last one to find the “sardines’ will be “it” next.

4) Balancing a gold coin on a spoon for a race between two teams.

The table and all settings were red or black on a natural linen cloth to make these elements pop. Tags were made using the same illustrations from the invitations. Black napkins were placed on the red plates, tied to look like “robber sacks; inside these napkin sacks were black party poppers.

For take home favors I made teeny, black, secret diaries in which I drilled holes for pad locks, which were completed with emergency arrow pencils tied with the same illustration.

All of the food was color coordinated in the party colors. Chocolate and vanilla muffins were decorated in various styles, swirl cookies (a family birthday tradition) were made with a red layer, too. At the end of the party, the guests were able to fill their own candy bags choosing from a dark container of candy and another container with a mix of red candies.

I had once seen an image of someone who had made a laser tunnel with red crepe paper and had that in my mind, as I dreamed up our lasers from yarn.

Thanks Gina! Readers, see more of this fun party on Willowday.

(Images: Gina/Willowday)