Best Kids Parties: Rainbows

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Scout (1)
Location: Ladera Ranch, CA

At 4 days old, Scout was diagnosed with a rare metabolic disorder. Her first year was filled with tests, doctors visits, special diets and a lot of worry. A few months before she was to turn One, I saw a poster with the phrase, “There’s no rainbow without a little rain.” That’s when I knew that Scout HAD to have a rainbow party; not only because she is as colorful as can be, but because we’ve certainly put up with a lot of rain for our sweet little rainbow.

I started off by designing a colorful chevron invitation and then used that design as a jumping-off point for homemade ribbon garland, rainbow-themed food, a beautiful fondant cake, rainbow lollipop party favors and even a huge rainbow balloon garland.

All of the guests, and of course baby Scout, loved the party’s colorful and cheerful feel.

Thanks Chenin! Readers, see more of Scout’s sweet party on Fudge Banana Swirl.

(Images: Chenin Boutwell)

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