Best Lighting in the Living Room?

Best Lighting in the Living Room?

Grace Shu
Jun 9, 2008

We've been battling back and forth with installing recessed lights in our home. On one hand, it would certainly update the look (so streamlined!), but on the other hand we're having a hard time letting go of the cozier look and feel of lamps. But before any blood was shed, our budget made the decision for us: at roughly $100 a pop, it would cost us a pretty penny to put recessed lights throughout our home.

We've been skimming through catalogues, Craigslist, and eBay to find some lamps, but there's a lot of choices out there: floor lamp, task lamp, torch lamp, reading lamp, table lamp, etc etc. You get the idea. So what's the best combination of lighting to have in the living room? We found this article over at House of Lights that gives a little guidance on the topic:

"When designing a lighting plan for a living room or family room, you need to consider the variety of activities that occur there. You'll want to include general lighting for entertaining and watching television, task lighting for reading or sewing, and accent lighting for artwork, plants, and interesting architectural features. Dimming controls are ideal for the living room because they allow you to design the lighting to suit each mood and activity."

[ Guide from House of Lights ]

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