Amazon Reviewers Swear This $60 Find Is Like Resting Your Head on a Cloud—And It Has Over 12,000 Positive Reviews

published Oct 21, 2019
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Sometimes I feel like I’m on a constant cycle of having to replace my pillows. After a few months, no matter how much I fluff and tease, they quickly go flat or get lumpy, leaving me with a stiff neck and terrible night’s sleep. We do spend an average of about seven to nine hours cuddling with our pillow every night, so it’s only fair to expect one that feels like a fluffy (albeit supportive) cloud but isn’t a pain in the neck. Turns out there’s a pillow built just for that—and it only costs $60 in exchange for a restful night’s sleep.

The Coop Home Goods Adjustable Lift Pillow is an Amazon favorite, with over 12,000 positive reviews gushing about how it’s dense and supportive, filled with fluffy hypoallergenic memory foam, and built to support side, back and stomach sleepers. Even better? It’s editor-approved and has successfully made it to several of our favorite product round-ups.

“I have a pillow addiction,” said a reviewer who has tested various pillows before finding the one. “I have had polyfill, shredded memory foam, egg-crate foam, regular memory foam, down, downmix…. you name it. I’ve only had these a month but so far, so good! They support me well, are easy to fluff, have extra filling if they get too flat, and they don’t hurt my ears!”

The Coop Home Goods Adjustable Lift Pillow comes with a hypoallergenic Lulltra fabric case—a blend of bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester—that creates a barrier against dust mites and other allergens. Bamboo is also loved for its soft and breathable qualities while the shredded construction of the memory foam also allows airflow, keeping things from heating up. “It stays cool under my hot head all night,” said a reviewer who compared it to his Casper Pillow. “I love it more than any pillow I’ve ever owned.”

Another plus is that you can adjust the fill and customize the support based on your frame and preferred sleep position. The interior liner also allows you to mold the pillow to your desired shape. For instance, side sleepers might want a higher loft pillow that doesn’t strain their neck, while stomach sleepers will require a lower loft that gives them adequate support. The right depth carefully cradles your head and neck without elevating it too much. “I customized the fill level to suit me perfectly, and ever since doing that, it seems I get perfect comfort no matter how I lay on it or *where* I lay on it, ” said one reviewer who called it the best pillow on the market.

If getting a restful night’s sleep is hard to come by, this pillow is a great option to test out. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper to other luxe options, while still packing in all those luxe-worthy benefits. The only criticism?

“Ever had a pillow so good you want to stay in bed? Yeah. It’s like that. Oh, and my cat has claimed the other pillow because he likes it too.”

We rest (pun intended) our case.