Roundup: Best Nurseries in LA

click for more pics Of course, our favorite way to acquire plants is to share with friends and family. After all, cuttings are easily propagated from most plants and it’s
as close to free as you’re gonna find. But, of course, we find inspiration, rare plants and new combination ideas from some of our favorite nurseries around Southern California.

California Cactus Center is a great place to find succulents and cactus.
Desert To Jungle Nursery is a favorite of Judy Kameon.
Big Red Sun is a constant source of inspiration. Their bold colors, creative plantings and modern aesthetic make them our go-to nursery in Venice.
Pot-Ted in Atwater is a great place to find cool planters and thrift store chic applied to the outdoors.
The Marina Garden Center on the westside is an expensive but expansive spot to find any kind of plant you could imagine and a lot of the time, if you’re looking for something specific, it’s worth it to pay a little more than to sit in traffic trying to get to a cheaper place, which brings us to:
Green Arrow Nursery: our go-to spot for 4 inch pots, succulents, meyer lemon trees and a great selection of affordable pots in lots of styles.
Rolling Greens is a 2 acre mecca and Southern California staple not to be missed.
Perssons in Pasadena serves those of us north of the 210 and they definitely keep a huge stock on hand to fill your drought tolerant needs.
Mordigan’s is Abby’s favorite and convenient for those in the city who need to pick up some tips or plants for their small spaces.
Theodore Paine is the place in LA to find drought tolerant and native plants. It’s an excellent resource for learning more about responsible gardening.

What are your favorite nurseries around Southern California?