The 10 Best New Home Design Products from CES 2024

published Jan 17, 2024
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Credit: Photos: Mila, Williams Sonoma, Kohler; Design: Apartment Therapy

Here at Apartment Therapy, we’re all about attending a home-focused trade show, whether it’s devoted to kitchen and bath products, finishes like tile or other decorative accents, gifts, avant garde design, or home tech. Sure, these industry-focused events are sometimes niche, but they function as amazing resources and provide plenty of opportunity for product discovery — at their best, you might be unearthing items that could really disrupt the way we live and change our lives for the better one day. Other times, it’s about discovering an amazing maker or a fairly new company that’s doing something cool in the home space or just spotting an emerging trend in the design space.

And the more you attend these shows, the more you’re able to suss out what’s actually new and innovative, which brings me to this list. I searched high and low for the best home products coming out of the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that wrapped last Friday in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here’s what earned Apartment Therapy’s Best of CES seal — and what you should keep your eye out for coming to market through this year (if not available already).

Credit: Kohler

Kohler SpaViva Handshower & Cleansing Device

Your self-care routine just got a major upgrade, thanks to this new handshower from Kohler that moonlights as a multifunctional beauty tool. Not only does it feature two of Kohler’s best-in-class spray technologies (the heat-retaining Katalyst spray and a new Microbubble spray capable of penetrating the skin for a deeper cleanse), but it also comes with four attachments with rotating heads that you can switch between: There’s a face brush, a body brush, a body massager, and a body scrubber (which is like a pumice stone and meant for heels and rough skin patches). Hello, at-home spa time — and all for around $300 when it launches later in this quarter. 

Credit: GE

GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker

With the GE Profile new Smart Indoor Smoker, now you can wood smoke ribs, brisket, and other smaller cuts of meat right on your countertops — and it’s quicker, easier, and less dependent on having a big backyard and the perfect weather, too. At just under $1,000, the machine is an investment, but it has all the bells and whistles you’d want out of a smart mini smoker, from five adjustable smoke settings to get the flavor dialed in just right to six food pre-settings and the ability to customize your own settings, too. Even better, the unit features a built-in temperature probe and dishwasher-safe, removable racks and drip trays for easy cleanup. It’s also the first (and only!) indoor smoker with active smoke filtration technology, which converts the smoke to warm air so it can function inside closed doors. 

Credit: Mila

Mila Halo

Touted as “the smartest humidifier and air purifier combo out there,” the Mila Halo features a sleek design and packs both a humidifier and air purification system into its fairly small footprint. The machine aims to eliminate over-humidification — and the annoyance of constantly needing to refill the water tank — by sensing when you’re in the room with it and only switching itself on then. It’s also going to target and remove pollutants to improve the quality of your air, fulfilling its role as an air purifier, too. On the design front, although it looks neutral here, you can expect to be able to customize the device’s outer panels with color and pattern to better match your decor.

Credit: Tineco

Tineco Floor One Switch S7

Wouldn’t you love a vacuum cleaner that could handle wet messes as well as it does dry ones? Meet the Tineco Floor One Switch S7, a multi-mode cleaner that can toggle between being a floor washer and a stick vacuum in just seconds. You can expect powerful suction from the vacuum’s brush head and a self-cleaning system out of the floor washer, which ensures the water you’re using on your floors is fresh. Other attachments that come with the package can help you reach into crevices and tackle the cleaning of soft surfaces, too. And the company says the battery life is better than others.

Credit: Dreo

Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer

What started out on Kickstarter (and took over 50 prototypes and over 20 months of testing to create) has now come full circle: Appliance brand Dreo exhibited its award-winning ChefMaker Combi Fryer for the first time at CES, and it’s hard not to take notice of it. The machine, which looks and functions like an air fryer, really is so much more than that. Case in point: Its “Combi Cook technology,” which has taken cooking technique best practices and translated them into an algorithm that uses temperature, moisture, and cooking time as factors to cook meats, seafood, poultry, veggies, and more to perfection every time, with just the push of a few buttons. It also works along with your smartphone, too, where you can access recipes and video guides. 

Credit: LG

LG Universal UP Kit

In collaboration with its Disabled Advisory Council, LG unveiled its Universal Up Kit, which consists of attachments that will make their appliances much easier to use from a mobility perspective (think: handles that make LG’s washer door and detergent drawers easier to open and close, a detachable wheel strut that redistributes the weight of LG’s CordZero stick vacuum for better maneuvering, and more).

Credit: Govee

Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit

Officially announced at CES last year, these LED Gaming Lights are now readily available, roughly half-price of their original retail, and admittedly a niche pick for a home design site. But if you’re into games like Apex Legends, or you just want to take your gaming experience to the next level, why haven’t you bought this kit that will color match and sync your Govee lights to in-game movements and actions? They’re even compatible with movies and other media — little kids and adults alike will love ‘em.

Credit: Exobrew

Exobrew Craft Gen 3

Home brewing used to be a messy and very tedious process, but all that has changed with the Exobrew Craft Gen 3. Retailing for $999 (but currently on sale for $879), this app-enabled and fairly compact brewing system will allow you to make 1.6 gallons of beer, kombucha, or cider at a time in a span of three to 30 days. It’s the perfect splurge-worthy gift for the tinkerer and beverage connoisseur in your life. 

Credit: bellowater

The Bello

The Bello is the ultimate twofer for your at-home hydration needs. Purify and infuse your drinking water with this beautiful countertop gadget-meets-filtration system that removes microplastics, heavy metals, bacterias, and chemicals and adds natural essences with flavor capsules.

Credit: Robrock

Robrock Zeo One

Although the Roborock Zeo One is officially only available for pre-order in Germany right now, it made our list for its innovative all-in-one washer/dryer design that features sensors that can dry delicates at precise temperatures and optimized detergent dosing for less waste and optimal washing performance. The unit will also collect and discard the lint it produces via a built-in tool.