Best of Guide LA Info 2005

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hey, you know how people open up their Zagat’s before deciding where to have dinner? If you were spending $2000 on a sofa as opposed to $200 on dinner, wouldn’t you like to have a little more information?

At Apartment Therapy we’re trying to create more and more ways to help people make their homes nicer. We add stores, services and products to our Guide on the nav each day, and this month we’re spending full time on it to create a BEST OF for 2005.

Each day we’ll put up a post dedicated to one category (see categories below), and readers should submit by adding comments. After two days, we’ll go through the comments, collect the submissions and repost the category as a survey to find your best. Sound complicated? It will be super clear after a few days. Don’t worry.

The voting goes on all month and all the posts live HERE. With your help, at the end of the month we’ll have a real good rundown of the BEST OF 2005.

Best Stores for:

Large Appliances

Kitchen Supply & Cookware
Pillows & Blankets
Tableware & Glassware
Garden Supply
Green Products

Mid C Modern
Modern Contemporary

Best Service
Best Deal
Best Splurge
Best gifts
Best small treasure

Store you can’t believe is still open
Most Romantic