Best of the Guide 2005: Garden Supply Stores

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Top Green: Voting was very slow in this category last November.

Given the season, this was sort of understandable. Nevertheless, some clear winners emerged.

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Best Supplies
1. Jamali Gardens (plant district)
1. Lee Valley Hardware (online)

Plants, Etc – Elsewhere
1. White Flower Farm (Connecticut)
2. Forest Farm (Oregon)
2. Heronswood Nursery (Seattle)
2. Top Tropicals (Florida)
2. Great Swamp Nursery (NJ)

Runners-up Below

Just Supplies – Runners Up

  • Smith & Hawken (Soho)

    Plants, Etc – Local – Runners Up

  • Plant Shed (West 96th)
  • Plantworks (E. 4th/Bowery)
  • Rose Garden (Bklyn)
  • Cafe con Flores (a street flower stall)

    Plants, Etc – Elsewhere – Runners-Up

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