Best Online Sources for Laundry Tips

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As anyone with embarrassing/costly laundry debacles during college remembers, laundry isn’t a skill everyone is born with (save for maybe Martha Stewart). In fact, many adults (this post writer included) haven’t quite grasped all its intricacies. If you still need tips from time to time, we’ve gathered our favorite resources from around the web.

Whether you still don’t know to separate your colors and whites or whether people call you for advice on how to get stains out, we bet you could use online advice and tips. Here are a few of our favorite online resources for your burning (or flooding) laundry questions:

Real Simple With clear and helpful articles like “How to Do Laundry” and “Your Top Laundry Questions, Answered,” it seems they have covered nearly every laundry topic, in as clear and helpful a way as Real Simple is known for.

Martha Stewart Of course the Queen of Clean’s own website would have lots of great tips, including some of her tried and true tips for cleaning, as well as how to make your own detergent. has a lot of article options covering a number of possible disasters you could get yourself and your laundry into. There’s a good chance something you need to know is here.

Heloise We covered some of Heloise’s laundry tips before on Apartment Therapy, Heloise’s Tips on Laundry & Dorm-Living, and she has even more great advice on her website.

What are your favorite online laundry resources for tips and advice? Let us know!