This Cool Brand Makes Smart and Stylish Organizing Solutions That Are Perfect for Small Kitchens

updated May 3, 2021
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It’s no secret that we at Apartment Therapy gravitate towards products for the home that offer both form and function. And while many emerging brands are designing sleek, contemporary solutions for even the most challenging storage problems, few do it as well as Umbra. The brand has been creating smart products for the home for more than 40 years. Some items are so stylish that they double as decor, while others offer a minimalist, understated quality that blends right into your environment. If you have a tricky area that needs tidying in your kitchen, bathroom, or living area, you’re pretty likely to find something for the job at Umbra. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite innovative kitchen concepts from the game-changing brand. The best part? None of them compromise style for utility.

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As the name suggests, this organizer can be positioned anywhere between countertops and cabinetry for instant bonus storage for kitchen tools, dish rags, or items that might otherwise get stuck in a drawer (e.g. your potato masher). The spring-loaded vertical tension rods can fit in spaces measuring 15 to 24.5 inches in height, and they provide sturdy support for the slim crossbar, which can be extended from 15 to 20 inches. The whole setup takes seconds to assemble — no drilling or measuring required. Twenty hooks provide plenty of space for the tools you use most, so you'll always have what you need at your fingertips.

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Though they offer a ton of storage from a volume perspective, deep, cavernous drawers can be tough to organize. Sold as a set of two, these heavy-duty plastic organizers can be customized to fit your own unique collection of pots, pans, lids, cutting boards, or anything else you want to tuck away in a pull-out drawer. The surface of each tray features a matrix of 108 holes and 16 removable four-inch pegs, which can be configured to hundreds of designs to make the very most out of your storage space. Out of the box, each tray measures 21.38" x 11.8" and can be extended an additional 3.25 inches if you’ve got a larger drawer to organize.

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If you’re a renter or just don’t like drilling holes into walls or fixtures, this paper towel holder can easily attach to the underside of shelves or be hung over a cabinet door without any assembly. Though it resembles cast iron, it’s made out of one single piece of coated wire, so it’s both bendable and durable. The arms that attach the holder to your cabinet or door have a flexible paperclip design, sliding on and off with ease and protecting delicate surfaces from damage.

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If your sink-side countertop space is limited, you may not have room for a large drying rack for clean dishes and cookware. Umbra’s compact UDry system features a utensil caddy and slots for up to 16 dishes, so you can drain washed items directly into your sink. Since the rack’s frame extends from 13 to 22 inches, it will fit across a range of sink sizes, or you can place it over the machine-washable microfiber mat that also has space for glasses and serveware. When not in use, the utensil caddy can be removed and nested with the rack and mat for space-saving storage.

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When it comes to keeping your sink area clean and free of bacteria, it’s important to keep kitchen brushes dry. The wire frame of this sink caddy allows it to be placed over your faucet or bent to rest over the raised section on divided sink designs. Perforated holes in the caddy allow water to drip down toward your sink’s drain and help bristles and brushes dry completely, keeping them clean and fresh. The caddy is available in black, white, grey, or red, and since it's dishwasher safe, can be sanitized at high heat periodically.

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Four AAA batteries power Umbra’s stylish sensor soap dispenser, allowing you to clean your hands or dishes without having to touch a soap bottle or pump. A dishwasher-safe caddy provides a dedicated spot for the dispenser and your sponge of choice, catching any drips or moisture so that you can keep your sink area clean and dry. The dispenser has a hidden refill chamber and a non-drip spout to minimize clogging. A narrow window on the front of the sleek dispenser lets you monitor how much soap remains. The dispenser and caddy are available in white, black, and nickel, so you can customize the color scheme to match your kitchen’s decor.