Best Organizing Ideas From Apartment Therapy

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Yesterday we rounded up some great storage solutions from Apartment Therapy. Storing things in your home goes hand in hand with another Apartment Therapy fave – organizing. Check out some of our best organizing ideas after the jump.

Most of us want our homes to breathe and be comfortable and organizing is both an emotional and physical task. A few things to think about in general with organizing your things – be thoughtful about what you are keeping. Like the box that you have hauled around from apartment to apartment, if you are not using it, consider getting rid of it. And if you have multiples of something, consider getting down to just one. You probably don’t need 3 sets of measuring cups in your kitchen or 4 extra old bath towels that you don’t use anymore.

What is your best organizing tip and how often are you organizing your home?