How to Paint Your Room: Best Tips and Tricks

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As Albus Dumbledore says, “…the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy”.

This choice is especially apparent when planning a paint job at home. We’ve done painting both quickly (not recommended) and thoughtfully (much, much better).

From all around the web, here are some tips that bear repeating:

1.Take a day for prep. Set aside time the day before painting to move furniture, patch walls and tape. Line the inside of your paint tray with a plastic kitchen trash bag, taped in place for easy clean up later.

2. Remove hardware. Put all the bits of the door knobs or switchplates into separate zip top bags and write where they came from right on the bag. It ends up being easier and faster to remove and reinstall rather than trying to work around them.

3. Move stuff. Take everything off the walls and move what you can to another room. If you can’t move it out, put it all toward the center of the room and cover with dropcloths.

4. Use Primer. The paint will perform much better and tinted primers save money and time by reducing the number of coats you’ll need to do.

5. Clean as you go. Have paper towels and rags handy. Scrape excess paint or drips from windows, tile, or glass with straight razor blades.

6. Keep the paint flowing smoothly. Only transfer about an inch into your tray or painting container. Cover your paint can in between these refills to keep the air out.

7. Store your brush. Instead of washing it out each time you take a break just use plastic wrap around it. For overnight, wrap in plastic, put it in a bag and store it in the freezer.

8.Save your leftover paint, not the giant cans. Use small glass jars or food storage containers to store just the bit of paint you’ll need for touching up scratches or dents. Labeling really helps – make it easy on yourself do you don’t have to remember exactly what you used where.

We’re always looking for more good tips, info and advice. Comment away!

Originally posted 2006-10-17 at this link