Where to Buy an Affordable Vacation Home, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

published Sep 23, 2018
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Once you’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test, you’ve got a four-letter passcode that reveals nuances of your personality and a deeper understanding of yourself. Just like you, cities around the United States have unique personalities, too—some secluded spots are natural fits for introverts while other museum-rich hubs will stimulate the busy minds of thinkers.

We already played matchmaker, finding the best affordable cities for each Myers-Briggs type and then gave decorating tips best suited for the 16 different personality types. Now, we’ve scouted out some of the most affordable cities to buy a vacation home, based on your Myers-Briggs type.

But, does it make sense to buy a vacation home? (We know you’re wondering, you practical ISTJs or ENTJs). The idea here is that these spots are coveted vacation destinations that could be rented out, generating some income when you’re not vacationing yourself. Plus, when you’re ready to go on vacation, you’re not subject to high hotel rates in busy seasons.

Based on your Myers-Briggs type, here’s 16 affordable vacation home markets that are bidding for your attention.

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INTJ: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Ever question T-Pain’s lyric: “I’ll put you in a mansion, somewhere in Wisconsin”? (Very creative rhyme scheme, btw). We’re guessing the hundreds of mansions dotting the shoreline of Lake Geneva were the rapper’s muse. Consider it the Hamptons of the Midwest: Lake Geneva boasts a 26-mile shoreline path looping the lake that will delight the active imaginations of this personality type. Plus, the Architects—best known for their strategic minds—will be wowed by the efficiency and grace of the mail jumpers, who deliver mail via boat during summer months by hopping on and off docks as the vessel keeps moving. Did we mention the median home value is only $193,000? Why yes, we’ll take a mansion in Wisconsin.

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INTP: Healdsburg, California

House prices in San Francisco are some of the steepest in the country. But head about an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge and arrive in Healdsburg, which is in the heart of Sonoma’s wine country and has unpretentious roots as a farming community. While on vacation, imaginative and original INTP types will feel right at home at Shed. The sun-soaked cafe and fresh produce market doubles as a venue for events like book talks and cheese workshops—it even won a James Beard award for design. Plus, INTPs are abstract thinkers who recognize the world as a complex machine, so they might have what it takes to understand what it takes to make some great vino. How does a career change sound?

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ENTJ: Blue Ridge, Georgia

Commanders love long-term planning and goal-setting, so a vacation property with an especially good ROI should delight them. In a report done by Rented.com, Blue Ridge, Georgia ranked high on a list of best places to buy a rental vacation property. The report favors destinations in the South, where there isn’t a housing shortage and the cost of living is more affordable. Because of these criteria, Colorado and Utah cities don’t fare too well on the list. But thanks to Blue Ridge, you don’t have to rule out the mountains. The northern Georgia city boasts mountains, as well as other awesome amenities such as waterfalls, craft breweries, and a scenic railway.

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ENTP: Austin, Texas

Bored by routine, the ENTP-types will find something fun and new to do every time they slip away to this Texas city, which embraces the motto “Keep Austin Weird.” While in town, skip a boring city pool in favor of swimming laps in Barton Springs, a beloved, three-acre spring-fed outdoor pool that’s 68 to 70 degrees year-round. Watch bats flutter about under the Congress Avenue Bridge just after sunset or marvel at street art murals at the HOPE Outdoor Gallery. Plus, a calendar full of public lectures and events at the University of Texas—Austin will satiate the intellectual curiosity of ENTPs, who are unwilling to give vacation days to their busy minds.

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INFJ: Norfolk, Virginia

A subtle selling point that whimsical and creative INFJ types might appreciate about Norfolk as a vacation home destination? Mermaids are a mascot in this artistic city. Because Norfolk is home to the world’s largest naval station, local lore has it that mermaids would serenade sailors, guiding them back to shore after being away at war. Dozens of mermaid castings decorated by artists can be found throughout town. As altruists, we’re sure the Advocates will find volunteer opportunities—from coastal clean-ups to walking adoptable dogs—a rewarding endeavor as well.

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INFP: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Idealistic and loyal to their values, having a home away from home in a progressive college town makes great sense for Mediators. Because INFPs are so often poets and authors, they’ll appreciate places like The Ark, a famed acoustic and folk venue that also plays host to storytelling. (Look for fairy doors throughout the city, as the tiny doors affixed to homes and businesses are storied to be portals for Ann Arbor’s mischievous fairies). Plus, there’s plenty of intellectual stimulation: Ann Arbor has been ranked the most educated city in the nation, thanks to its high number of degree-holders. Home to the University of Michigan, you’ll likely have no problem filling rental units during the school year.

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ENFJ: Memphis, Tennessee

Sociable and charismatic are two defining traits of the Protagonist, the type most likely to enjoy the live music that reverberates through this Tennessee city. But this personality type is well-rounded, just like the city of Memphis. Known to be altruistic and natural leaders, the ENFJ will have a genuine appreciation for the city’s role in the Civil Rights Movement, which, along with other cities, is documented at the National Civil Rights Museum. In addition, Memphis cracked into the top five of Rented.com’s list of best places to buy a vacation property because of its rental earning potential.

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ENFP: San Luis Obispo, California

Move over Disney, this coastal California town is actually the happiest in America. Campaigners are naturally curious and free spirited, and they know how to relax. All those traits are celebrated in San Luis Obispo. Along the central coast of California, in between Los Angeles and San Francisco, home prices are much more affordable here. This California county is nicknamed “SloCal” as a nod to its laidback persona that embraces activities like toasting marshmallows on uncrowded beaches at sunset and dancing in the streets to live music at Thursday night’s farmers market. Chef-driven restaurants throughout the county, from dockside oyster shacks in Morro Bay to wineries in Paso Robles, are all bidding for attention from the ENFPs buzzing with energy and a need to explore.

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ISTJ: Charleston, South Carolina

A sophisticated dining scene with award-winning chefs and restaurants. Palm trees dotting an an adorable downtown, with cobblestone walkways and window box planters overflowing with flowers. Beaches, golf courses, historical architecture: Charleston, just like ISTJ, is a jack of all trades. Logisticians are also practical, so they’ll need to know that Charleston makes sense as a place to invest in a vacation home that could be rented out. Consider this: Travelers consistently vote Charleston as one of their favorite cities, not just in the United States—but the world.

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ISFJ: Kauai, Hawaii

Only three percent of the island is developed for commercial and residential use, and residents here work and live primarily in the coastal areas, leaving the Kauai’s interior unspoiled. No structure can be built more than four stories high, which is the height of a mature coconut tree. Though pricey, the northernmost Hawaiian island is a good fit for ISFJ types, who are responsible and conscientious and among the most likely to care about their environments. Hiking trails, 50 miles of gold sand beaches, and top-notch golf course are some year-round draws for vacationers.

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ESTJ: Providence, Rhode Island

ESTJs have a special appreciation for tradition and order, which doesn’t subside even when on vacay. Providence gets them: Federal Hill is rich with Italian tradition and the city loves its traditional coffee milk (coffee-flavored syrup + milk). But even more, this personality type will be marveled by how volunteers orchestrate WaterFire, a multi-sensory festival that happens every couple weeks in the summer and occasionally other times throughout the year. Dressed in black to blend in with the night, kayakers help stoke the flames of braziers that are planted throughout rivers winding through the downtown. Fires flicker on the water and opera music plays for the elevated festival.

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ESFJ: Nederland, Colorado

Yes, Nederland is quirky with a capital Q. Case-in-point: A yak is a regular at local bars in this mountain town. Just west of Boulder, Nederland is far more affordable, with houses costing about half as much. As social butterflies, ESFJs will thrive here—whether making new friends on the slopes at Eldora, the nearby ski resort, or enjoying the brewery scene in bordering Boulder, which National Geographic named the happiest city in the United States. The not-so-conventional ways of this mountain town (it has a Frozen Dead Guys festival each spring) might also nudge ESFJs to loosen up a little when it comes to their criticisms of anything that’s not considered mainstream.

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ISTP: Santa Fe, New Mexico

From engineering to art, the imaginative minds of Virtuosos get a sense of reward when they create things. Enter Santa Fe, a city of makers and a museum-dense playground for the relaxed ISTPs who also love a good hands-on activity. While escaping to their vacation destination, you might find ISTPs at the Santa Fe School of Cooking learning to cook with red chiles or making recipes Georgia O’Keeffe loved. Or, perhaps they’ll be at Meow Wolf, an interactive, trippy museum that invites visitors to solve a science-fiction mystery. Oh, and something worth mentioning in your rental listing if you do invest here? Santa Fe has a margarita trail.

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ISFP: Grayton Beach, Florida

Of all the personality types, ISFPs are the most notable artists. So what better place to set up a vacation home than Grayton Beach, home to a newly opened Underwater Art Museum? If you’re not already, it’s worth getting scuba-certified because less than a mile from the sandy shores of Grayton Beach are seven, massive underwater sculptures about 55 feet down. The charming cottages prevalent in this area are likely to resonate with ISFPs. Plus, enjoying some more beach days in the Sunshine State and channeling the relaxed vibe of this beach town can help cut down on the stress that Adventurers so often experience.

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ESTP: Park City, Utah

Bold and sociable, ESTPs are comfortable being at the center of attention. The Entrepreneurs will feel in their element in this lively mountain town near Salt Lake City. The city is just as fun in the summer months as it is in the winter months when the Wasatch Mountain Range gets pounded by snow. ESTPs appreciate being active with others, so the slopes and the après-ski scene is a natural fit for them. A+ fun aside, a bell sounds off at 10 p.m. along Park City’s Main Street, which is a nod to the mountain town’s mining days when the sound would signal that miners had made it out of the tunnels. Today, it’s an unofficial reminder that it’s time to get to the bars—what ESTP wouldn’t love that? If the town itself wasn’t cool enough, Park City is also one of the few towns that did make it on Rented.com’s list of best places to buy a rental vacation property.

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ESFP: Nashville, Tennessee

Entertainers who love the spotlight? That’s your ESFP. And what better place to do karaoke than Nashville? Talkative and witty, the Entertainers will feel right at home in the 12South neighborhood that’s filled with boutiques, art galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars—all willing hosts for friendly conversations. Plus, the economy here is booming: Nashville has a fast-growing economy and has been ranked among the happiest places to work.