The 11 Best Places to Buy a Mattress at Every Price Point

published Jan 19, 2024
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It’s no secret that in order to get good sleep, you need the proper setup. And the most fundamental part of that setup? Your mattress. According to the Better Sleep Council, if you’ve had your mattress for over seven years, it’s time to give it a once-over, further stating, “A good mattress should relieve pressure on your joints and your body (and NOT cause pain). As your mattress ages, it loses the ability to do this and your sleep quality gradually declines.” However, with so many places to buy mattresses these days, it can be hard to know which retailers are really worth your time when it is time for that upgrade. Luckily you have us. 

Where to Buy a Mattress Online

At Apartment Therapy we’re constantly testing mattresses, so we know what’s up in the sleep world. That’s why we rounded up 11 of our favorite places to shop for mattresses, no matter your budget, to help make your next mattress buy a breeze. And before clicking that buy button, be sure to check out our guide on how to buy a mattress to make sure all your questions are answered. 

Do you have a mattress source you swear by? We want to hear all about it! Tell us about your favorite places to buy a mattress in the comment below. 

When we put dozens of mattresses to the test last year, there was one brand that topped our Best List: Cocoon by Sealy. This offshoot of the legendary sleep brand is beloved for its luxury cooling mattresses available in both memory foam and hybrid forms. The best part? These mattresses arrive right on your doorstep as a “bed-in-a-box,” making it a dream for anyone looking for something easy to move, too. 

Stearns and Foster is another legacy brand we couldn’t skip. With over 175 years of experience, the brand still carries weight for a reason. Each of its luxury mattresses is handmade and delivered to your home for a top-of-the-line experience. While these mattresses do fall on the pricier end of the spectrum, you’re paying for quality, experience, and the guarantee of a great night’s sleep. 

In the world of luxury mattress, Saatva is a fan-favorite for a reason. Offering a wide array of high-end mattresses, you can choose from 12 different mattress types, including a hybrid innerspring, an organic latex hybrid, a premium gel-infused memory foam, and the Solaire: a six-layer mattress that can be customized to 50 firmness options. With picks perfect for the whole family (furry friends included), it’s a great place to shop your next sleep pick. 

When Casper launched its first “bed-in-a-box” mattress 10 years ago, it started a revolution. That being said, it’s still hard to top the comfort, quality, and convenience that comes with a Casper mattress. Whether you’re looking for a pure memory foam, a hybrid, or a cooling mattress, Casper has something for you that’ll arrive right at your doorstep for setup in minutes.

One of the most popular organic brands out there, Avocado creates mattresses with non-toxic and natural materials for an extra sense of comfort as you sleep. With organic latex, vegan, and the classic “green” version — a certified hybrid option made with cotton and wool — at your disposal, you’ll be sleeping soundly with a pick from here. 

When it comes to shopping for mattresses, it can be harder for plus-sized people to find the right fit. Enter: Big Fig, the first brand devoted to making mattresses for a bigger figure. Featuring a high-density construction to fight any sagging, this mattress is soft and comfy while still being bouncy, supportive, and strong, aka everything that matters to a plus-size sleeper. And with a 20-year warranty, they’ve got your back. 

At Molecule, top-notch mattresses designed to optimize sleep at a fraction of the price of competitors is their formula to success. The team behind the brand includes renowned sleep doctors and neurologists with decades of research and experience who’ve come together to create mattresses that will truly deliver. Home to our favorite cooling mattress, Molecule has a wide array of mattresses to choose from that are all designed to keep you cool and allow your body to get the rest and recovery it needs to perform its best the next day.

DTC powerhouse Helix is a longtime favorite of staffers, but there’s one place in particular we think they really shine: kids’ mattresses. Don’t get us wrong — their full-sized mattresses are great, but when sister site Cubby put the Helix Kids’ mattress to the test, they discovered that the brand can’t be touched when it comes to creating the right support for your little ones. And if their kids’ mattresses are this good, you can rest assured their full-sized ones are equally as amazing. 

If there’s one thing you probably know about Purple, it’s that the brand’s products feature a proprietary “grid” mattress system that quite literally sets them apart from every other competitor on the market. The unique technology entails a gel grid paired with either foam or wrapped stainless steel coils that are meant to cradle pressure points for solid back support like none other. If support is what you’re after, support is what you’ll get at Purple. 

Looking for a great mattress at a rock-bottom price? Check out Tuft & Needle. With its most affordable pick coming in at just $745, you’re sure to find a pick that’s kind to you and your wallet. These foam mattresses come in either two, three, or five layers (the latter is a hybrid) and include heat-absorbing graphite, ceramic cooling gel beads, and antimicrobial protection against odor-causing bacteria — talk about bang for your buck.

If variety is what you’re after, Mattress Firm is the place to go. The retailer carries over 25 brands with diverse styles, which means there’s definitely a pick here for you — no matter what type of sleeper you are. Best of all, the site features tons of handy tools that help you compare and contrast your top picks so you can feel confident in the mattress you choose.