There’s a Surprising Source for Truly Powerful Cleaning Tools—And It’s Right Around the Corner

published Aug 22, 2019
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When it comes to getting things done around your home, sometimes convenience and versatility are the magic words. Whether you have a weekend DIY project on the books, or plans to deep clean your kitchen, look no further than your local hardware store. Yes, even for cleaning tools!

From vacuums and drain augers to rotary cleaners and robot vacuums, power tool companies are making some impressive cleaning tools—all powered by the same batteries as your drill.

Here’s the big perk: If you’ve curated a supply of power tools that are all the same brand, you can just keep the battery juicing and know that you can knock almost anything off your home to-do list without waiting around for a stick vac or drill to charge.

Looking to go cordless and expand your repertoire of versatile cleaning tools? Here are a few options to get you started:

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For deep-scrubbing hard-to-clean surfaces like sinks, grout lines, stove tops, tile, and even pots and pans, nab this ergonomic power scrubber. This already-versatile tool also comes with a few spin brush and pad options—an eraser, a non-scratch pad, and a bristle brush—to make cleaning a variety of surfaces easy.

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Have a slow drain that can’t be fixed with liquid drain cleaner? A motorized auger like this one sends a reinforced cable down a sink or bathtub drain, breaking up clogs so water can flow freely. You can score this tool-only deal for under $70 if you already have a Ryobi battery at home.

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If you’re looking for a quick clean-up option between a hand vac and a traditional vac, it’s time to get a stick vacuum. Depending on how big your mess is, most stick vacs (like this one) have a few suction settings, making after-meal or post-spill cleanup a breeze.

Whether you need to clean upholstery, kitchen counters, or bathroom surfaces, streamline the process (and prevent scratches) with a drill brush attachment. This trio of brushes is made to fit on any drill, so it’s a cost-effective option if you’d rather not opt for a power scrubber.

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Whatever debris is cramping your patio’s style, blow it out of the way (quickly and conveniently) with a cordless leaf blower. This one comes with a debris scraper to help with loosening stubborn dirt or leaves.

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Equipped with side brushes for hard-to-clean debris and an electronically-controlled battery to conserve energy, this cordless, robotic vacuum is a super convenient option for larger spaces or offices that need frequent vacuuming. It’s pricey, but with fully-charged batteries, this vac can clean up to 1,640 square feet in one go.

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Lightweight and powerful, this wet/dry vacuum is safe and effective on virtually any mess or spill. As if it couldn’t get any more versatile, the vac also doubles as a directional blower—just attach the vacuum hose to the exhaust output.

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Pool and spa owners rejoice: Underwater cleaning has never been simpler. On a fully-charged battery, this pool-cleaning vac boasts an hour of cleaning time, and it will attach to most common pool poles for easy underwater cleanup.