Best Product: Brita Faucet Mount Water Filter

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Clean water act. We have used and not used many water filters over the years. While we hate the added expense, we love the noticeably better water they provide and we have always stopped short of going whole hog and installing an undercounter system in our rental.

In all of this, we have found the best ready-to-go water filter to be the Brita Faucet Mount Filter with the nice chrome top. Here’s why:

  • Brita’s faucet mount shape is the best for working in the sink (it keeps out of your way – much better than PUR)
  • Brita has a nice switch on theirs that allows you to switch back and forth from filtered to unfiltered water easily
  • The faucet mount is the best space saving solution (pitchers don’t work for us)
  • The chrome top looks good
  • The chrome top doesn’t show dirt
  • Brita filters seem to last longer than the PUR ones we used to use

    They are still pricey. Here’s the official seller ($36.99). MGR

    (Re-edited from an original post dated 03.28.05)

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