Best Product: Chinatown Restaurant Kettles

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Back in March we put up our list for the Top 10 Kettle and listed the Classic Chinese Restaurant Kettle, but we didn’t have a pic at the time. We were at a friend’s last night and snapped this one of theirs (it’s a little dirty, but they shine up really nice).

Why, you may ask, is this a best product? Because it works really well, pours very easily, looks classic and costs very little. They can be found in Chinatown, Bowery restaurant supply and sometimes at Pearl River Mart.

After spending a number of years living in Chinatown (our first apartment), we got used to seeing these things (in a few different sizes & variations) in all the restaurants there and realized that they were the workhorses of the restaurant world for a reason. We found one and haven’t bought anything else since. MGR