Best Product: Cocktail for Mac

Best Product: Cocktail for Mac

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 23, 2010

We're not usually one to hand out awards for great software, but seeing as cleaning up your system has become more and more of a seasoned practice these days. Heck, some people even have an "IT" guy - which probably includes some of us - that check up on their system periodically like the "gardener" guy, "plumbing" guy, and whatever other guys you have fixing up things that seem to go awry when we're not looking. Luckily, we've found pretty much our golden system fixer-upper of choice for our Mac. It's called Cocktail and it's absolutely fantastic.

Some may argue that Macs never run into any issues. Ha! The lies they tell you. Macs certainly have their share of issues. This is coming from a seasoned IT manager (err.. or "sys admin"... man, I hate that term) and a previous Apple sales associate. Okay, maybe this is too much info...

But anyhow, they most certainly have issues! Issues like corrupted caches, file permission errors, and font cache obliteration. If these issues are left unchecked, they can lead to further loss of important work, mess up the file system's integrity, and cause your system to slow down to a crawl.

This is where Cocktail comes in. Cocktail, in many ways, is like CCleaner and TuneUp for Windows rolled into a single app, made specifically to troubleshoot difficult issues in an extremely concise manner. What's better is that you can even run periodic scripts that clean out all of your dirties on your system, keeping it in tip-top shape - just like the way you got your Mac on the very first day.

Corrupted font cache on Firefox? No problem. Run Cocktail and you'll give all of your fonts rendering perfectly within a couple of minutes. See my settings above for the problem I fixed tonight on my own rig simply by forcing clear some dirty caches.

Grab your free trial of Cocktail for personal use over here. The single license will cost you $15, but most of the features stay intact even without registering past the expiration period.

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