Best Product: Mr. Misty?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Where the Mrs.? Dryness is a real problem in apartments in the winter, and we have seen humidifiers go through gallons of water a day without denting the problem. And they can become such a burden to fill, that we forget after awhile. We’ve been in apartments where we get nosebleeds from the constant dryness….

So when we recieved a tip that the Mr. Misty really works, we went to check it out. Here’s the stats:

1. In winter, the indoor RH can get as low as 10%
2. 7 million portable humidifiers are sold in the U.S. alone every year…

3. We are most comfortable at a Relative Humidity (RH) of at least 30%
Mr. Misty:
4. Introduces a small, steady, highly atomized, cold steam-like moisture to your shower enclosure
5. Uses about a penny’s worth of water every twelve hours
6. Humidifies up to 2260 sq. ft.
7. Uses only uses only clean, germ-free, drinkable fresh water
8. Costs only $30

Amy says she loves it, and we have to admit that it really makes perfect sense. And we can’t find anything on the web that pans it. It is alot cheaper than the $200 Venta Airwasher, that’s for sure. (Thanks, Amy!) MGR