Best Product: Multi-Pure

Best Product: Multi-Pure

Jonathan B.
Nov 5, 2007

Refills are annoying... and questionably green. For us, that goes for Swiffers, razor blades, inkjet cartridges, and water filters, and it's especially painful when the refill costs almost as much as the thing it's making useful again. (Embarrassingly true confession: in our pre-green days, we once bought a new laser printer on sale because it was less expensive than a toner refill.)

Multi-Pure water filters are an exception to the rule, though.

In a comment to a Good Question post back in March, AT:NY reader Nathan praised his Multi-Pure filter. The filters last an amazingly long time: around a year.

Even if you have great tap water, as most of us do, Multi-Pure filters are great at removing the taste of chlorine. If your home has questionable pipes, they'll also filter out lead and some other things you'd rather not drink.

The filters are definitely not cheap to start off with, but shop around; the prices on the Multi-Pure website are the highest, because they're sold through a byzantine web of dealers who all earn referral fees. We got ours eons ago, so if you've got one, let us know which one you have, where you got it, and about how much you paid.

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