Best Product: Nigella’s Fulsome Parmesan Grater

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Highly recommended. We recieved a hearty recommendation for another of Nigella Lawson’s creations (designed with Sebastian Conran), which upon inspection (via web) looks good. Nigella’s parmesan grater is a modest little affair with a hard wood handle that is supposed to grate parmesan properly. As Nigella says,

“I wanted a parmesan grater that was really comfortable to handle as well as beautiful to look at, and the curved, tapering shape is lovely. But it was also important to me to make this a proper Italian grater, by which I mean it shaves the parmesan into sandy rubble rather than aerated threads.”

If you are a pasta nut (like us) and love to cook up simple pasta dishes with minimal sauce and a bottle of chilled white wine, then this grater will come in handy and spice up your meal. Available for $16.95 from and these other retailers. (Thanks, Optimus!) MGR