Best Products: Pop-Up Sponges

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Probably everyone knows of these, but they deserve to be blogged anyway.

These old favorites, pop-up sponges, have drawn some criticism, but we think they are one of the nicest sponge choices you can make in the kitchen. They make us feel like we’re home, wherever we are.

Made from 100% cellulose, pop-up sponges (for lack of a better name) are inexpensive, easy to store, superabsorbent and don’t look like some toxic chemical or Japanese robot toy in your kitchen.

Classy and understated. They come in two sizes, are sold in sets and cost about $10 for 10 – and much cheaper at Trader Joes! Available lotsa places, including Sur La Table, The Panhandler and all these places.

(Re-Edited from 2005-03-09 – MGR)