Best Products: Bodum Tea Glasses

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hot toddies. Yesterday we went over to a neighbor’s to visit her new home and check out the renovation. She had done a lot of work and it was a pleasure to sit in her living room surrounded by her hard won victories: new floor, new kitchen, fresh paint on the walls…. It is much more fun to talk about it when it is all over.

One of her new aquisitions were the glasses we drank out of: Bodum hot drink glasses. They were like a thin glass chemistry beaker with a handle – very clean and elegant. They can handle heat and are tough enough not to break easily. We found them online today and the price is good as well. The kind we had is called The Sumatra and sells 6 for $15. They also have another version, which might possibly be better: the The De Chine which sells 6 for $17.