Best Products: Clear Glass Water Bottles

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Attractive as the beads of sweat running down the side of the cold, glass bottle. We saw this in a restaurant a few years ago and now it seems to have spread, but that’s because it’s a good idea. Using clear glass Bordeaux bottles (AFTER you have drunk the wine and removed the label – Bordeaux is in the middle at right) as a way of storing water in your refrigerator and serving it at your table is a stylish and cheap alternative to pulling out the Britta, buying bottled water, or simply filling from the tap.

Why Bordeaux bottles? The shape just seems a natural with water, and if you look hard you will find some bottles have a faint green tint to them which is even more beautiful. As for practicality, the glass keeps the water cold for a good long time, is easy to pour and carry, and has a much more tactile presence and looks great as it mists up alongside bottles of white or red wine. We keep a few of them in the fridge at all times and take them to the bedroom after dinner for the late night thirst quencher. On these hot days, why not? MGR

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