Best Products: Gentler, Less Toxic Household Cleaners

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All of these tips are from reader’s comments on this great thread. 10 readers giving their tops picks along with over 50 comments that deepen the list. This is a good companion to our Strong Household Cleaner List.

Anne: I use rubbing alcohol to clean my bathroom floor.

Fiona: Bon Ami. It’s not chemically based and is more gentle than Ajax or other cleaners.

Anne: try Kaboom bathroom cleaner. It comes in a purple spray bottle and has worked wonders on both old (dull) porcelain tubs and a fiberglass shower enclosure. (Editor’s note: Kaboom is based on a proprietary organic acid salt that does not emit toxic fumes and is ammonia and phosphoric acid free.)

JR Rice: Murphy’s Wood Oil Soap. Nuff Said!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Meg: Baking soda works amazingly well on most things. It’s especially good for greasy pans, stove tops, and other surfaces in the kitchen. Just use it like you would use any scouring powder.

Meva: Seventh Generation products are a great non-toxic alternative for anyone who is environmentally conscientious

Hillary: I only use one product and it cleans everything — Dr. Bronner’s SAL SUDS. Great product, great guy. ALL ONE!

Doug (the NYC one): I’m not as good as I’d like to be about buyinng green products, but arthome Ecological Heavy Duty Countertop Cleaner and arthome glass cleaner work wonders.

Ali: i use vinegar for most things (esp glass and kitchen floors), but i also use a spray bottle with one part tea tree oil and four parts water.

Tabby: For cleaning walls before painting them, try MEX.

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