Best Products: Luxor Pointy Tip Application Bottles

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A few years ago we took a look at our shower, with all its bottles, big labels and tricky caps, and we thought, “This is clutter!” It was also a lot of free advertising to be staring at each morning. So we did a literal and a visual decluttering by throwing out all the name brand bottles and transferring the shampoos, conditioners and lotions to generic bottles from Ricky’s. This one is our favorite.

The Luxor Professional Applicator Bottle is made of soft plastic that squeezes easily, while the pointy tip puts out just the right amount of shampoo, lotion or conditioner. There is no top to play with and water never gets inside this little baby. Using this also makes you feel like a professional salon rat when you’re soaping up.

Where to find this? Good question. We found ours at Ricky’s for $1.99 and couldn’t find it anywhere else on the web. Even “Luxor Professional” brings up nothing.

We even had a great email back and forth with THE Ricky trying to find out about this bottle. He didn’t really understand who we were, what a blog was or why would would care so much, but he was fast fingered on his blackberry and getting ready for Halloween. We loved his final email. It looked like this: