Best Products: New Indian Roadsters

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ring, ring! Ring, ring! We favor our scooter or bicycle for gettting around in the city, and find that personal transportation is an essential part of urban living. We are, therefore, very excited about this new find: new indian roadsters that cost $150 and we found on Craigslist.

These bicycles are based on the Raleigh Roadster of about 75 years ago and is manufactured using the machine tools imported from Raleigh in England. Now being manufactured in India, these single speed bicycles sport full fenders, luggage rack, center kick stand (motorcycle-type), dynamo-driven headlight/tail light, sprung leather saddle, 28″ wheels, fully enclosed chain guard, an oversize ding-dong bell and a rear wheel lock.

You email these folks and place your order, and they will deliver it to the city for you. Each Sunday they come in and drop off ordered bikes. We fully realize that these are not the easiest bikes to store in a small apartment, but they are cool enough to try it anyway. (Thanks, Sara!) MGR

This just in – NY Times article on Bike Paths around the city: Spin City. (Thanks, Sara!)