Best Products: Plain White Coffee Mugs From Bridge

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

How many different kinds of coffee mugs do you have? Lately we found that our coffee mug supply was dwindling (they walk off with friends) and that the ones we did have were all different kinds. None were matching. Our kitchen shelf was just a bunch of mug clutter. What to do?

Without spending a lot of money, we got rid of all the old ones, and started fresh with 10 new mugs. We found classic, plain 10 oz. white porcelain mugs (porcelain is heavy with a nice rich white color) at Bridge Kitchenware at 214 East 52nd Street (212-688-4220) for only $1.89 each. We like these because they are substantial, the sides are thin enough to hold a good sized cup of coffee, and they are real classics, not copies. We are also not worried if we break one or one goes missing. We can easily replace them. MGR