Best Products: Thermapen thermometer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Information is the first offense. If you never know when your chicken, steak, pig, or turkey is done, or if you often fry with oil (or make candy) a good thermometer is essential. We were tipped off to one that ain’t cheap ($79), but promises to save money on ruined dinners as wells as being the last one you’ll ever need:

Called the “Rolls Royce” of thermometers, it is “indestructable,” “super accurate,” and super fast – it takes a reading in 4 seconds.

If you’re just learning how to cook or a seasoned veteran around your stove, it takes the guess work out of knowing when your food is done. Use it to check three or four different spots at once in what you’re cooking and you can be sure your reading wasn’t skewed by touching a bone.

It don’t look too pretty up above, but it comes in a bunch of different colors, and is easy to buy online. (Thanks, John!) MGR

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