12 Cozy Bedroom Finds That Will Make You Want to Hibernate All Winter

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Let’s not dance around the truth: It’s winter in 2020. It’s dark, cold, damp, and if our beds weren’t already our favorite place to be, they certainly are now. So why not make yours the ultimate cozy haven, a place where the stress of the day just slips away while you happily drift to sleep? From truly great sheets to plenty of fluffy blankets, all it takes is a handful of key products to totally transform your bedroom. We rounded up 12 warm-and-fuzzy finds below that are guaranteed to make your space so much more snug and soothing. Check them out, then slip under the covers and get your cozy on.

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Get a pillow that truly works for you with this cozy-classy version from Ralph Lauren. It was named the best budget-friendly pillow on our Best List thanks to its firm and supportive yet still incredibly comfortable design (turns out, pillows can be both firm and comfortable!). Choose from four fill options, depending on what type of sleeper you are, to get the perfect rest every night.

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If you want the warm, cozy feeling of a down comforter without the high price tag or potential allergies, Brooklinen’s Down Alternative Comforter is your best friend. We tested it against the brand's down comforter for our Best List and couldn’t tell a difference—the more affordable down alternative option was warm, just heavy enough, and so comfortable. It has a soft, 100 percent cotton sateen shell that looks and feels great on its own, and it comes in three weights (lightweight, all season, and heavy-duty), depending on how much warmth you want.

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Riley Home
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There’s a reason people use phrases like “buttery-smooth” to describe sheets: A good set can totally change your sleeping experience. If you want to truly winterize your bed, go for these flannel sheets from Riley. Just like your favorite flannel top, these are soft and warm, a perfect weight for those cold winter nights. They're also surprisingly breathable (in fact, we named them the most breathable flannel sheets on our Best List), with a crisp-ish feel to the 100 percent cotton material. The set comes with a top sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases—all of which are reversible so you can switch up your room’s style.

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A mattress pad may not sound super cozy, but if you want to keep your mattress—aka the number-one essential of a comfy bed—nice and clean for years to come, it's a must. This one from Allswell was named the best overall mattress pad on our Best List because it was notably softer, more durable, and more cushiony than your typical $20 polyester pads. It’s wrapped in a 200-thread count cotton sateen shell, which means less of that crinkling sound when you move, and it’s anti-allergen. Buy a good one now, use it for years to come.

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World Market

Is this pillow a must for a good night’s rest? No. Will it immediately make your bed feel that much cozier? Yes, very much. Soft on the outside and inside, the plush, fuzzy pillow can be used as decoration or for cuddling. You won’t be disappointed either way.

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Accent pillows do a lot to take your bed from basic to burrow-friendly, which is why we’re recommending a second one—this lovely heart-shaped version. It’s covered in super-soft, warm sherpa for major coziness, weighted to bring some calming pre-bedtime, and can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer to help regulate body temperature. That’s a lot of function in one pretty pink package.

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Another easy way to add an extra layer of warmth is with a hot water bottle. This soft and fuzzy version from Warmies requires no water, is microwavable, and is scented with French lavender to help you sleep. The bottle is also ideal for calming period cramps and soothing sore muscles.

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West Elm
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Get the trendy warmth of fur in an animal-friendly way! This faux fur throw, made from an acrylic-polyester mix, brings a sense of luxury to your bedroom. It measures 47 inches by 60 inches, so there’s plenty of room to cuddle up in it, and when it's not in use, drape it on a chair or your bed to add lush texture to your space.

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Nothing beats a heated blanket on a cold, snowy night. This massive queen-sized one has five heat settings to give you more flexibility in finding the perfect temperature, and it comes in six colors that’ll make your bed look even prettier. And that oh-so-soft velvety material? Swoon!

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Weighted blankets are some of the trendiest bedding items right now, which makes sense, because life is arguably more stressful than ever. Baloo’s weighted blanket is, in our opinion, the best one on the market right now. Unlike some others, this one won’t make you feel too hot thanks to its 100 percent cotton shell and glass microbead fill. It comes in several versions, including a throw blanket, and a Full, Queen, and King comforter, which is a nice plus. It’s also machine washable ,so you can easily keep it clean year-round.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

These backrest pillows aren’t just for college dorms. If you’re spending a lot of time reading, working, or binge-watching in bed, you need a supportive backrest, and these OG ones are still some of the best options out there. This oversized version is made of foam for maximum support and comfort, and it even has a pocket on the arm to store your phone or remote.

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Want to block out the world? Or at least the light, noise, and drafts? These blackout curtains are made with a thick polyester to keep your room dark, quiet, and warm all winter long. Bonus: They’re easy to install and machine washable. Minimal work, maximum payoff. What’s cozier than that?