Behold, I Found the Best Alternative to Those Single-Use Makeup Remover Pads

updated Feb 3, 2020
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I remember the moment a few months ago when I finally realized that those cotton rounds I was using daily for my skincare regime were stupidly wasteful. I’m embarrassed it took me so long, but there you are. I was buying slim packs of those cotton rounds from my local drug store every few weeks, using at least one a day to remove my makeup and then promptly throwing it away.

At that point I didn’t think there was a viable alternative aside from scrubbing my face with a washcloth, which tended to leave my skin feeling rough and irritated. And then, hallelujah, I learned that there were indeed reusable alternatives—in fact, searching for “reusable makeup remover pads” on Amazon yielded an overwhelming number of results. After sifting through what felt like hundreds of options, I finally landed on this 20-pack of bamboo cotton pads, and reader, I am never going back.

Here’s what it’s all about: These pads are made of bamboo and are able to be washed and reused hundreds of times, saving you money and preventing unnecessary waste. They come with a little cotton laundry bag so you can keep the pads together in the wash (and keep the dirty ones separate while waiting for laundry day). Best part? They’re less than $15, resulting in huge savings over time (I estimate that I spent around $50 per year on disposable cotton rounds).

My first impression was that the bamboo rounds were very soft, almost like I was rubbing my face with my favorite t-shirt (not an altogether unpleasant thought). They’re also much bigger than disposable cotton rounds, so I didn’t have to use more than one on days where I was wearing a full face of makeup. The only downside is that they aren’t as absorbent as disposable rounds, so I’m using a bit more toner than I used to.

I’ve had these bamboo pads for one month now, and they’ve gone through two washes. Since there are 20, I don’t ever worry about running out before the next laundry day, which was a worry of mine when I first started researching. The bag keeps the pads contained, although since it’s closed with a drawstring and not a zipper, I’ve noticed a few slip out, especially in the dryer. I can, however, confirm that the pads come out clean every time, and just as soft as before.

My overall verdict? I’ll never go back to disposable cotton rounds again thanks to these bamboo pads. Not only are they way more eco-friendly, but they also just feel more luxurious and cost much less in the long run. Honestly, buying them was a no brainer, and I’m so glad I did. Now if only I could find the perfect disposable sponge alternative…

Buy: Spaces Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads (pack of 20), $14.59 from Amazon