This Best-Selling Kitchen Find Will Save Your Back in Time for the Holidays—and It’s on Sale

updated Nov 26, 2019
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The holiday season is almost here, and that means you’ll likely be spending a lot of time on your feet in the kitchen, cooking, baking… and washing lots of pots, pans, and dishes. And although we can’t lend you a hand to lighten your load, we can offer you a tip that might make things a little easier—or at least a little more comfortable. Get a kitchen mat.

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re big fans of using an anti-fatigue mat in the kitchen, because they can help alleviate the back and leg pain that come from long periods of standing. While there are plenty of mats out there on the market, one particular version—Sky Solutions’ Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat—recently caught our attention. Yes, we know it might not be the most stylish model out there, but it is Amazon’s number-one bestseller, with over 2,000 gushing reviews from customers who swear it’s like standing on a cloud.

The non-slip mat, which is currently on sale and comes in three sizes as well as solid, patterned, and ombre options, is made from a 3/4-inch blend of PVC leather and foam, which means it’s lightweight and can be easily wiped clean—as one customer happily discovered after a bacon grease spill. “I was worried at first that the grease might leave a stain, but it cleaned right up!” said the reviewer.

The mat has especially been a source of comfort for those who suffer from leg cramps, lower back pain, or knee aches: “Cutting veggies to Chopin’s piano concerto No 1 Op 11 has never been such a ‘melt-away’ experience,” said a reviewer. “My feet and legs? What happened to them? It’s like standing on a Tempurpedic cloud!”

If that sounds a bit much, consider this passion-fueled love letter.

“This mat was woven by angels, sculpted by the reanimated corpse of Michelangelo, and sealed with Superman’s laser vision. When I stood upon it, my feet no longer felt attached to my body. My physical form carried no weight. There was the sensation of floating, my body effortlessly held upright by the essence of time & space. My consciousness journeyed into a deeper level of meaning. Like a fledgling bird of the universe, I spread my wings and tested the limits of my transcendence.”


Unsurprisingly, many reviewers confessed to buying multiple mats to place in various areas of their homes. “I have one in front of the sink and one at my work area in the kitchen,” said a happy customer. “I wish my whole floor was covered with this stuff.”

Us too!

Buy: Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat By Sky Mats, starting at $45 $38.99

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