The Best Editor-Tested Silk Pillowcases You Can Buy Right Now

updated Jan 30, 2024
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As someone with a head full of coily curls, protecting them at night has been part of my everyday routine for as long as I can remember. I also spent a lot of time at my aunt’s salon when I was younger, so you could say that I’ve always been acutely aware of my hair and its condition. Does that mean I’ve always taken the best care of it? No, but I do my best. Part of that care also means investing the right tools from brushes and combs to hair towels and pillowcases. Yes, pillowcases!

The secret is out: No matter your hair type, a silk pillowcase can help you keep it in tip-top shape. They’re also beneficial for your skin as they don’t bunch like other pillowcases, which means you won’t wake up with lines from fabric decorating your face first thing in the morning. I’ve tested lots and lots of silk pillowcases, even before my time at Apartment Therapy. As a result, I’ve narrowed down more than a few my and other staffer favorites to create a list of the best editor-tested silk pillowcases on the market.

The Best Silk Pillowcases

What to Consider When Buying a Silk Pillowcase

Not all silk pillowcases are created equal. There are a few terms to know and several factors to consider while shopping to ensure you end up getting what you intend to pay for and don’t just succumb to good marketing. Are you dreaming of waking up with gorgeous hair without breaking the bank? Perhaps you’re in search of the most luxurious silk money can buy. From momme count to care instructions to price point, these are the facts to consider when choosing the best silk pillowcase for you.

What Is Mulberry Silk?

It may not sound pretty, but mulberry silk threads are the byproduct of silkworms that have eaten the leaves of a mulberry plant. There are actually several types of silk named after the weave or fabric or the type of worm that secretes the silk threads, but mulberry silk is the most common and the type of silk that goes into all of our top picks here.

There’s a reason mulberry silk is used for a variety of beauty products, including pillowcases, sleep masks, scrunchies, and robes: It contains 18 amino acids and proteins known to benefit the hair and skin. Because silk isn’t as absorbent as cotton or other common bedding fabrics, you don’t have to worry about your night creams coming off while you sleep or even your natural hydration being wicked away by your pillowcase. The smooth surface of a silk pillowcase keeps hair from breaking and tangling and prevents pillow marks, premature lines, and wrinkles. It’s also known to be breathable and hypoallergenic, which is great for hot sleepers and for those with sensitive skin and allergies.

Momme Count

Like I said, not all silk pillowcases are the same, and this has to do with momme. Similar to thread count, momme count measures the fabric’s quality and durability. The higher the momme count, the heavier and more durable the silk… aaand the higher the cost. Most silk pillowcases range from 15 to 30 momme, but not all brands advertise the momme count of their silk, so keep an eye out to make sure you’re not paying for more than you’re getting.

How Do You Care for Silk?

While silk takes a little more work to care for than other fabrics, it’s not much different from the extra care you give when washing your most beloved items. Most of the brands behind silk pillowcases advise washing their product in cold water or, better yet, hand washing with a mild detergent (no bleach, detergent pods, or fabric softeners) and laying flat to air dry. That said, some can go in the dryer and can be fairly low maintenance. Just be sure to check the label on your pillowcase since proper care can vary. Similar to wet hair, silk is extra delicate when wet, so you’ll want to handle it with love.

Like most air-dried items, silk pillowcases can be a bit stiff or wrinkled, but after a night of use, they go back to their normal, smooth selves. To get rid of wrinkles in the pillowcase, many brands allow ironing on low heat. Like all things, the better care you give your silk, the longer it will last. In turn, you can give yourself shiny locks and supple skin for years to come.


The main certification that’s important to this list is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which means the bedding is free of harmful synthetics and dyes. (Read more about this certification and why it’s important.) Another certification you’ll see is GOTS certified, a worldwide standard for processing organic fibers, meaning that the textiles come from green supply chains. (Read more about this certification and why it’s important.)

What We Look For in a Silk Pillowcase

We tested a range of silk pillowcases, from low to high momme count and price point, judging them on the following criteria:

  • Feel: How does it feel out of the box? Is it thick or lightweight? How smooth is the silk? Is it comfortable to sleep on? Does it benefit your hair, skin, and/or sleep?
  • Durability: Can you see through the silk or is it thick? How does it hold up to washing? What’s the momme count?
  • Aesthetic: How well does it fit a pillow? Does it wrinkle? Does it have a zipper or envelope closure? Does it have color and pattern options?

The Best Silk Pillowcases

For the second year in a row, Brooklinen’s Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is the best for a reason: It makes you feel like royalty as soon as it arrives. Made with ultra-smooth, long-staple mulberry silk, the pillowcase comes neatly rolled in a small box that makes it feel special before you even open it. I own two of these stellar pillowcases, and one of the first things I noticed was that the fabric slipped right between my fingers, which was a good sign for how it would affect my hair once I started using them.

I’m a hot sleeper so the biggest pro about this pillowcase, aside from its dynamic color availability, is how it feels. The silk is noticeably cool to the touch, which kept me from needing to flip my pillows throughout the night for some relief. It was so nice to sleep on something super soft that doesn’t trap heat. Additionally, the pillowcases left my hair and skin looking perfect. I’m a stomach sleeper, so I know all about waking with pillowcase wrinkles on your face. With Brooklinen’s silk pillowcase, there’s no stiffness or resistance to cause bunching. As a result, I woke up with my skin as smooth as it was when I went to bed the night before.


  • 100% mulberry silk
  • 22 momme count
  • Envelope closure
  • Available in 2 sizes and 7 colors
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified
  • Hand wash or machine wash cold with a pH-neutral detergent; lay flat to dry

Who It’s Best For: Someone who sleeps hot and wants to feel good from the second they open the box.

Good to Know: You can also purchase Brooklinen’s Mulberry Silk Pillowcase as a bundle, which includes a silk eye mask so you can really catch those Zzzs. Scrunchies and a solo eye mask are also available.

Read our full review of the Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase.

For an affordable option that looks like it belongs in the Barbie movie (in a very good way!), look no further than the Beaute Living Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. It’s made with 22-momme mulberry silk that’s so buttery smooth you’ll easily wake up with a fresh face in the morning. It’s hypoallergenic and breathable, which helps to regulate temperature and can help to prevent hair frizz and breakage due to its friction-free make.

If you’re like me and have tried a ton of silk pillowcases over the years, you might not notice many differences between this cover and others. However, the features that do stand out are totally worthwhile. It comes in three sizes that make it a versatile fit for any pillow, thanks to its zipper closure that will keep the insert secure. Additionally, the color options go steps beyond neutrals. I chose my pillow in Ice Blue, which looked beautiful on my bed, but if blue isn’t your thing, it comes in eight other luxe hues from ivory to pink.


  • 100% mulberry silk
  • 22 momme count
  • Zipper closure
  • Available in 3 sizes and 9 colors
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified
  • Machine wash cold on gentle cycle with delicate detergent; lay flat to dry

Who It’s Best For: Those who want a good quality silk pillowcase without a hefty price tag.

Good to Know: Some colors tend to sell out faster than others and some colors are only available in a single size.

Read our full review of the Beaute Living 22-Momme Silk Pillowcase.

If you’re looking for bedtime opulence, you might find your answer with PMD Beauty’s Silversilk Pillowcase. What more could you expect from a glam beauty brand that’s behind some editor-loved skincare tools? The Silversilk pillowcase gets its name straight from its fabric: It’s made with 100% natural silk that’s blended with silver to give you the softest, sleekest pillowcase you can find. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial, this sizable cooling cover is also equipped with a zipper closure to keep it in place.

Of all the silk pillowcases I’ve tried, this is easily one of my favorites! It felt so luxurious on my bed, especially considering most of my sheets and comforters are pretty cheap, While I understand why the pillowcase only comes in limited colors, I can’t help but wish more shades were available; but as far as feel and effectiveness goes, this is a really great pick.


  • 100% silver-infused natural silk
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine wash cold; hang dry

Who It’s Best For: Those who want to extend their beauty routine overnight; those specifically looking for a pink silk pillowcase.

Good to Know: The silver in the pillowcase fabric contributes to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Best for Skin: Quince Silk Pillowcase

From cozy sheets to carry-on luggage, Quince is a popular brand among AT editors. So it’s no wonder that their 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase made a splash. Not only is it available in an impressive number of colors (one of the highest on the list), but it’s also hypoallergenic and naturally temperature-regulating. Another key factor of Quince’s silk pillowcase is its surprising price point, which sits well under $50.

Silk pillowcases with zippers were the standouts for Best List this year, and this pick from Quince fits right in. Contributor Maddie says her main hangup with silk pillowcases is the fact that they slip halfway off the pillow by the time she wakes up. “This is better than other silk pillowcases for one main reason: the tiny zipper,” she says. “I can easily slide my pillow inside and zip up the small, unobtrusive zipper to keep my pillow in place. And even after gentle washes, other silk pillowcases have gotten frayed edges on me. The Quince pillowcase doesn’t do either of those things. And it’s ultra-soft!”


  • 100% mulberry silk
  • 22 momme count
  • Zipper closure 
  • Available in 2 sizes and 12 colors
  • Machine wash cold with like colors on a gentle cycle — though hand-washing is recommended.

Who It’s Best For: Those who want an affordable and sustainably made pillow that’s gentle on the skin.

Good to Know: Reviewers say that despite the budget-friendly price, this silk pillowcase feels high-end.

Best for Hair: Blissy Silk Pillowcase

If you think all silk pillowcases are soft, well, you’d be right. But if you’re on the hunt for the softest of the soft, Blissy is one of the best choices you can make. You’ll also find the most color and style varieties with this brand, especially if you love bright colors like I do. In addition to solids, Blissy offers neutrals, neons, tie-dye, ombre, stripes, animal prints, marble, and more! The pillowcases also come in three sizes, not including the brand’s junior collection for toddlers and youth.

The Blissy silk pillowcase is my favorite to travel with, and it’s definitely softer than other silk pillowcases that I’ve used. Protip: If you have pillows that are on the larger side, be sure to order a larger size in the pillowcase to accommodate it. Although the zipper enclosure makes it easier to overstuff the pillowcase if you’re going for the look of a plumper pillow. Fortunately, the pillowcases come in Standard, Queen, and King, so just bump up a size as needed and be on your way to soft-as-a-baby-duckling snooze town.


  • 100% mulberry silk
  • 22 momme count
  • Zipper closure
  • Available in 3 sizes and 50 colors
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified
  • Machine wash cold on gentle cycle; air dry recommended

Who It’s Best For: Those who like a super-soft pillowcase and are battling hair frizz.

Good to Know: You can’t put most silk pillowcases in the dryer, but Blissy says that you can put yours in the dryer at the lowest possible temperature for up to 20 minutes and then air-dry them.

Surprising no one, what first drew me to the Mellanni Mulberry Silk Pillowcase were stunning colors. One of them is a really gorgeous lilac, and it’s just as beautiful in person as it is online! Like many others, this pillowcase has a hidden zipper, it’s extremely soft and so smooth. I loved how it felt on my skin and couldn’t stop running my hands over it. Even though it’s under $30, it looks and feels luxurious. My skin also looked great the next morning because the pillowcase is so gentle and sleek. What makes this pillowcase really stand out is not only its color options but also the available sizes. Typically, you’ll find Standard, Queen, and King size; but the Mellanni silk pillowcase is also offered as a cover for a body pillow and an 18-inch x 18-inch throw pillow.

Something to keep in mind is that this pillowcase is very delicate — as most silk pillow covers are — so be sure to wash it carefully. It’s recommended that you flip it inside out to wash and lay it flat to dry. My pillowcase got mixed up in my regular laundry and ended up in the dryer, which scorched it in a few spots. However, the price point is low enough that I was able to replace it without hurting my wallet.


  • 100% mulberry silk
  • Zipper closure
  • Available in 5 sizes and 16 colors
  • Machine wash cold, inside out, on gentle cycle; lay flat to dry

Who It’s Best For: Those looking for a silk pillowcase for more than basic bed pillows; those who want a budget-friendly choice with many color options.

Good to Know: The brand recommends that you keep this pillowcase out of direct sunlight.

Whether shopping for a gift or treating yourself, the 100% Silk Pillowcase Set from Double Stitch is the way to go. It even comes in a sturdy gift box, complete with a bow! Double Stitch is the premium collection from Bedsure, another Best List-winning brand for blankets and other bedding, and it’s certainly made an impact. This silk pillowcase set is well-constructed, highly giftable, and surprisingly durable. It’s also cooling, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable.

Made with 100% mulberry silk, this set includes two lightweight pillowcases along with a matching eye mask, and silk scrunchie; ensuring that your skin and hair are protected from any potential friction. The zipper enclosure also keeps your pillow tucked inside of the cover instead of sliding around. After trying this pillowcase out for myself, I think it’s well worth its value, especially considering you get four items all in one go. It feels expensive, looks glam, and kept my morning wrinkles far, far away.


  • 100% mulberry silk
  • 22 momme count
  • Zipper closure
  • Available in 3 sizes and 3 colors
  • Includes 2 pillowcases, 1 sleep mask, and 1 scrunchie
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified
  • Machine wash cold on gentle cycle; hang dry

Who It’s Best For: Those looking for a complete mulberry silk beauty bundle; Those looking for a silk pillowcase gift set.

Good to Know: If you don’t want to see your pillow tags through the pillowcase, try picking a color other than cream.