Best Technological Kettles For Tea Lovers

Best Technological Kettles For Tea Lovers

Range Govindan
Aug 9, 2010

While I love coffee, I can't drink it everyday, so I drink a lot of tea. I've cut down on my strong Orange Pekoe tea consumption as well, to cut down on the stimulants in my diet, but I still have a cup every day. I do love drinking herbal teas. There's just something very comforting of having a hot mug of tea in your hands. Personal favorites include anise, mint, and lemon teas. Here are some of the best tea brewers available right now.

1. Breville One-Touch Tea Maker
This is one of the ultimate kettles for avid tea lovers. The only thing that is hard to stomach is the price of this kettle. Check out our full test here.

2. Water Bars
Water bars aren't that common in the US, but ubiquitous in Asia. All homes have one and they are usually used to get hot water for tea. While this isn't the best brewing method, it's still better than using a microwave, at least in my opinion. [via Appliancist]

3. Variable Temperature Kettle From Breville
This kettle costs about half as much as the One Touch Tea Maker featured above, but allows you to brew different types of teas at different temperatures. It's supposed to be pretty quiet. [via Appliancist]

4. Bodum Bistro Kettle
It's colorful, distinctive, and works well as a kettle. This kettle from Bodum comes in a variety of colors and is definitely one that you should consider to spice up your kitchen.

5. Twettle The Tweeting Kettle
While this could be seen as a gimmick, it's still kind of cool to have an appliance tweet you when tea is ready. However, we think that the whistle of a kettle is usually loud enough to make us aware of this.

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