The Best Thing 9 Expert DIYers Bought This Year—Starting at Under $10

published Dec 21, 2020
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Credit: Audrey Shtecinjo/Stocksy

In DIY world, the goal is to spend smartly and get crafty.  Whether they’re creating dog slipcovers or plant propagation stations, you can bet that when your favorite DIY pros make a purchase, it’s with a purpose.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginning DIYer or a seasoned pro, sometimes it’s hard to know which purchases are worth it and which ones are just going to complicate things.  Here are the best things that 9 DIY pros bought this year.

“Earlier this year we purchased a Gorilla ladder and it was a game-changer for us. Especially for me, since I am on the shorter side!” says Stacie from @staciesspaces.  She says that it’s easy to use and the height is adjustable, so they’ve been using it nonstop.

“What I used to have to wait on my husband to do because I could not reach—I just grab the ladder and do it myself now.”

You can purchase a Gorilla Ladder in different heights, starting at 5.5 feet  for $69 and going up to 22 feet for $184.

“I have done so many small and easy DIY projects with peel-and-stick wallpaper this year,” says Laurel from @thehousethatDIYbuilt

“It is great for quickly changing the look of shelves, chairs, kids’ furniture (and more) for a small price. It comes in pretty much any pattern you want and it is easy to change up when you want a different look,” she says.

Laurel says her favorite is Spoonflower, followed closely by Walls By Me and Livette’s Wallpaper.

Erin Spain from Erin Spain Home & DIY says a portable handheld circular saw ($99) was her favorite DIY purchase this year.

“It’s easy to make quick cuts on the go, plus it isn’t heavy or bulky which makes it much more user-friendly. I use it all the time!” she says.

“The best thing I’ve bought this year was a laser level! It’s not only come in handy for home projects, but I love to use it on my craft projects,” says Tina from @tinadoodles. “It allows me to do calligraphy without having to draw lines on my projects.”You can get a laser level like Tina’s for only $15.

Is anyone else always losing their tape measurer? Ashley from Ashley Renee Design has solved that problem with this buy.

“I would have to say my favorite DIY purchase this year was the Bosch Laser Measuring Tool,” she says.  “I am always measuring something and to always have it handy and be able to measure long distances on my own makes it a winner for me.”

Sam Raimondi of DIY Huntress says that since she does most of her woodworking projects in a small shed, there’s not a lot of room for bulky equipment, which is why a track saw ($379) was her favorite purchase this year.

“It also helps because I no longer have to ask for help with lifting large sheet goods onto my table saw,” she says. “I can now cut those large pieces of plywood accurately on the ground with my saw.”

Plus, she says, “I can compactly pack it away when I’m done! The project possibilities are now endless!”

Endless projects? A DIYer’s dream!

Pati Robins of Style Squeeze says her favorite buy this year was a contour duplication gauge like this one ($54). Robins says this tool is a lifesaver when it comes to tracing her cuts.

“This tool allows me to actually be able to cut a precise shape in a variety of things, from tiles to flooring,” she says. “It’s cheap and, in my opinion, a must-have.”

Gbeke Omosebi of Simplicity for Designs said one of her favorite things she bought this year was this Ryobi battery pack from Home Depot. After all, what good are great tools if they are consistently low on battery?

“A powerful battery pack with my cordless tools makes them more efficient with my projects,” says Omosebi.

This high-powered two-pack comes in at $179.

“It’s made spray painting so much easier and the coverage is really good!” says Grillo.

At under $10, that’s definitely worth the price.