The 4 Biggest DIY Trends That Took Over TikTok in 2023

published Dec 28, 2023
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dining room with blue walls, white oval dining table, gold and pink velvet folding chairs, framed art, rattan/straw pendant light, wood credenza, patterned area rug.

There was no such thing as being interested in do-it-yourself design and not hearing about TikTok trends this year. Because it’s such a visual platform, the social media juggernaut seems to sift out, popularize, and generally underscore the aesthetic du jour, whether that’s in small formats (squiggly accessories) or larger ones (curvy sofas, maximalist murals). 

Given that there are hundreds of billions of views on the topic of DIY, it’s no wonder that TikTok is usually one of the first places people go when they’re looking for exciting ways to take something from a “before” to an “after.”

“As a viewer, I enjoy watching the process and seeing the finished results from different angles,” says Farwa Moledina from @thehousewiththepinkbed. “As a creator, I enjoy making DIY videos that are accessible and visually interesting, and I really love hearing what people think.”

Over the course of the last 12 months, DIY trends have ebbed and flowed on the algorithm, with always more to come. Which ones have fellow DIYers loved? Read on for the four DIY trends that took over TikTok in 2023, according to three design TikTokers who can’t get enough of the app, either. 

Quiet Luxury 

The term “quiet luxury” took off in 2023, and pointed to timeless style that wasn’t overtly flashy about its robust bottom line — in style it would be akin to a cashmere sweater, and in travel it could be spending the summer in the Hamptons. As far as design was concerned, this was the level beyond “coastal grandma,” where spaces were made to feel polished and upscale. One way to make a home feel more custom is by adding built-in bookcases, which Erika from @peonyandhoney says she loved spotting on her feed and doing one herself

“I’m gonna toot my own horn for a second and mention a project I am so proud of in my own home,” she says. “It’s partly because we were able to achieve a luxury look on a budget, but also because I got to team up with a fellow female DIYer Krystle from @perkinsonparkway and my dad!  We worked our butts off for four days to get this project done. I have always dreamed of having an entire wall of bookcases to create a library.”

Traditionalism with a Twist 

For those who want more color than the usual neutral palette of a quiet-luxury home, another trend that took off was mixing a traditional backdrop with a modern feel. Hanging vintage portraits in a gallery wall next to graphic prints was a popular example, as was installing wall moldings and then saturating the room in a bold, all-over shade. People also loved using modern light fixtures alongside wood furniture they scored through a thrift or estate sale. 

“I love design that’s a mix of old and new,” says Lauren Comer, of @pinchplateparty. “Designers and creators are taking classic styles and pairing them with newer ones that have not ordinarily been used together.” 

Sculptural Furniture 

Straight-legged chairs and clean-lined tables may still be “it” for some design enthusiasts, but it was tough not to spot the prevalence of sculptural furniture this year. It was seen in oval-shaped benches and curved sofas, or wavy side chairs and round lighting accents. In other words, swoops were definitely a part of the scroll, and there were plenty of interesting ways DIYers used rounded objects to add more personality to their furnishings. 

“I honestly love everything Geneva Vanderzeil makes,” Farwa says. “I really loved her DIY table, where she used plant pots to make a base and a found door on top.”

Prioritizing Personal Taste in a Rental 

DIY TikTok seemed to make a loud proclamation this year: Even if you rent, you deserve to live in a personalized home. That could mean doing well-known things like changing out kitchen knobs and lighting for options you prefer, or committing to renter-friendly projects that transform a space for the masses to fit your style (with your landlord’s approval, of course).

“Although I’m a homeowner, I was really taken by designs that are renter-friendly,” Erika says. “Creators like @want.zamora and @simplyhandmade have had some amazing renter-friendly projects this year, like a stained glass door and bunk beds. I love that people are choosing to customize their homes even if they don’t own them.”

Inspiration abounds on TikTok for DIYers, and by using what they see on the platform as a jumping-off point for their own surroundings, they are sure to make them feel like home.