The Best Time of Year to Buy Appliances

published Jun 27, 2020
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There’s nothing glamorous about buying appliances. But even if they aren’t as flashy as, say, a new car or a glitzy new electronics system, they are an investment—and a pretty big one at that.

Research is key to getting a good deal on appliances. Also important? Figuring out when you really do need a new appliance and when you don’t. 

Ron Shimek, president of Mr. Appliance, A Neighborly company, says there are a few things to assess when deciding the right time to buy a new appliance that go beyond just how to get the best deal. And at the end of the day, the longer you can use the appliance you’ll already have, the more money you’ll save in the long run. “A general rule of thumb to determine at what point your appliance should be repaired or replaced is to consider its average lifespan. Each appliance’s lifespan varies depending on what it is,” Shimek says, explaining that if your appliance is toward the end of its lifespan, then replacing it is likely to be more cost effective than repairing it. 

Here are the typical lifespans of common kitchen appliances, according to Shimek:

  • Refrigerators and electric ranges: 10 to 13 years
  • Freezers: 8 to 11 years
  • Dishwashers and microwaves: 7 to 10 years

Still not sure if it makes more sense financially to replace or repair your appliance? Shimek says there are a few more things to consider before making a decision. “When weighing the choice to repair or replace, customers should also take into account the continuous evolution of technology, bringing with it energy efficient options to appliances,” Shimek explains. 

Say you’ve run the numbers, assessed the age of your current appliance, and are officially ready to buy a new appliance—and save as much money as possible while doing so. Great news! Now is time to consider the time of year and if it’s worth waiting a few months or not to purchase your new fridge or stove.

The Best Time of Year to Buy Appliances

One simple suggestion for timing your purchase is to wait until a long holiday weekend to get a deal. Smart shopping expert Trae Bodge explains that large household appliances are “typically on sale during 3-day weekends,” especially Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Fall is another great target for a big appliance purchase: “New models often hit the stores in the late fall, so that can also be a good time. Retailers will be looking to clear space to bring in the new merchandise,” Bodge says, noting that if you happen to be looking for small appliances, back-to-school sales and Black Friday/Cyber Monday are both great options. 

Credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion

While there are major sales on large appliances throughout the year thanks to holiday weekends (President’s Day weekend, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, etc.), there are also times you’d probably want to avoid when it comes to shopping for appliances, according to Digital Trends. Sharing a Consumer Reports statistic, Digital Trends reported that large appliance prices tend to be the highest at the beginning of the year and decline through winter, spring, and summer as Black Friday gets closer. 

No matter when you buy an appliance, though, try to find the best possible deal you can—even if it’s not necessarily at a store you want to buy from. Most major brands, like Sears, will offer price matching in order to get your business. And remember, even if it feels odd, you can actually negotiate (or at least attempt to) when it comes to buying appliances, as a Consumer Reports article points out. Even if it only saves you a $100 or so (most customers who negotiated saved an average of $97, according to the same Consumer Reports article), that’s $100 you can spend on something else. Say, delicious food to put in your new fridge? Or new clothes to wash in your new washing machine? Just an idea.